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Hello im on day18

Hi im new to the forum. I stopped smoking on the 29th April, I started out the the inherlater for a few days but found it rubbish. So put it in the draw and have been could turkey since. My husband gave up 4 days after me but he is using champix.

Our motivation for this is out 9 year old girl and the fact we are about to imbark on IVF. So thats me, on day 18 feeling really good about it all the craving are getting better. I look forward to getting to know you all. Thanks for reading.:D

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hi kell2212

day 18 is brilliant ....coming up to 3 weeks good are you.

So you should feel good about it ...Big pat on the back, I dont know much about IVF but i guess smoking dosnt help it much....A huge incentive :)

keep posting


Thanks Kitkat.. Still doing ok but keep having dreams that ive smoked and i have to start all over again. I keep waking up in such a panic. Is this normal.


Hi kel

yeah i havent had a smoke dream for a while ...but early on i had quite a few was so weird i woke up & for a split second at to remind myself i didnt smoke anymore ..normal i would say honesty once i had reminded myself i didnt smoke some days i would feel fed up that I at to go through another day of fighting but overall A good feeling though hey them dreams:) xxx



Well done on getting that far into your quit! I can safely say the worst is over and now all that remains is for you to beat the psychological demons that will taunt you until the nicotine clears from your body. I found that smoke dreams are the most messed up of these demons.

Just remember to keep mentally well balanced, take walks, drink plenty of water and try to eat a variety of fruit!



Thanks Alex, I think between me and husband were spending more on fruit than with did on fags :D but sooo much better for us.

thanks for the replys.


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