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Hands tied behind my back

Hi all,

just dropped by to say hello. Well into day 5 and all going well. Have a cold and spent yesterday in bed and doing nothing except play pacman on the computer. Well, one addiction always replaces another!! Had put the patch on yesterday morning but felt so ill had to take it off. Risky, but was feeling lousy. Today I feel better but put patch on as i have made the mistake of thinking I don't need it before. My Bf is doing amazingly well, still chewing away on these hideous liqurice sticks. I just have a mild feeling of depression that this is the best I will feel all day as far as drugs go. Yeah, I know total junky thinking. Drinking tea without dying for a fag, but generally feeling nervous and walking the plank into the great unknown.

On the plus side, sun is shining and about to go out. Hope you are all having a nice weekend.

Thanks Gaynor for your words of encouragement, much appreciated.

Must find a new hobby as my old one was smoking. not very productive or interesting I know. How many things I could have learned to do if I hadn't spent years with a fag in my hand!! It's true tho'. Must practice the guitar. no, i'll just have a ciggie first - oh my favourite programme is starting. And so on, until every trickle of time could be frittered aimlessly away in a cloud of smoke. sounds soooo tempting actually.

Off to find my sewing basket (if I had one) after all make do and mend is all the rage. Will darn a few socks and embroider a placque comemorating my quit smoking attempt. The world is my oyster.

Maybe i'll just play pacman, love it. I think of the little monsters as the nico demons chasing me and i love it when they don't catch me.

Happy Sunday everyone.


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Keep going and the days turn into weeks. Before you know it a few weeks are done and then it's a month. I remeber the early days, and wish i could show everyone that just a few months away you don't think of them hardly at all. Your brain which is currently addicted will completely change.It really does get easier and easier.


Hey rachel M

10 weeks is so good...

I get the feeling from the first part of your down & missing youve been deprived.

today i have been a stresshead & wanting to smoke more then usual....But i know like you do that we would feel more stressed & sad if we did xxxxx

You sound happier as i read did make me laugh with the chocolate part off your little lad lol xx hahaha xxx

take care & keep at it xx:)


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