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leaving the patches behind

Well, here I am a real non-smoker. stopped the patches a couple of days ago and am really positive that that's that now.

I haven't been on here for a while as moved house and had no internet connection and I must say I'm glad I've missed all the bickering. Totally pointless. Whatever works for you is all good as we all have the same goal at the end of the day. I can't even be bothered to go and read the bickering notes. Whats the point?

Am glad to see a couple of the people that quit around the same time as me still here though. Well done for sticking at it.

Quitting for me was the best decision I've ever made. Just know that if you are reading this you really do have to be ready in your own mind and to remain positive. I told everyone my plans and stuck to it. I even enjoyed my last fag as I knew it was exactly that. My last one. How could I enjoy it? Quite simply because I knew I was not going to be killing myself anymore with it. Not once have I wanted a fag . . . in my dreams but only then . . . a rare occurence now I'm glad to say.

Good Luck to you all out there.

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Well done Ishta.

I am a day behind you (23.07) and it feels good to be this far down the road, doesn't it.

Glad you hit your target of being patch free by the end of October. You've had a house move to contend with as well, that can be stressful. I agree with what you said about being in the right mind, I think that has been one of the key things for my quit - I was in the right place mentally. Have questionned my sanity several times over the past months though, but think that is the norm for me. LOL :confused:

Looking forward to going into month 4 / 5 but am going to wait until I have done 3 calendar months.

See you in the next house. Onwards and upwards :D


Well done to you too Trisha, You made me laugh about the sanity bit! So so true of me too! ~xXx~


yeah it woulda been nice if it hadn't happened at all all that. Congrats coming off the patches, aside from the early days off the patches and re-adjusting to no-nicotine at all, overall its nice to be off them altogether.


hear hear Jase. Here's to another nicotine free weekend. ~xXx~


indeed :) Its pretty nice once your done with the patches though innit!.


I'd say. The patches themselves were beginning to make me feel a bit wired so yeah it is really really nice to be off them! Have yourself a great weekend. I'm working but at least I get a break from my girls.

Thats the other weird thing actually. I thought that I would really miss smoking at work but I don't even think about it, not even when there's smokers there! I just like the fact that I'm not one of them anymore.

When I buy fags for my partner I actully feel embarrased and then have to inform the cashiers that they're not for me. Lol. Who'd have thought that would ever happen?! :)


Hehe you make that sound like 'buying condoms at the chemist' :)


Hi Ishta and Trisha :D

Well done both of you almost 3 callendar months is great


Marg xx


Jase, the condoms I have no problem with! (as long as it's with the grocery shop so I don't have to ask! lol)

Thanks Marg, Thanks Chrissie, Glad you're still non-smokers too - Nearly a year for you Marg! Well Done :)


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