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Too Much Time on my Hands

It seems to me that by not filling every free moment I have with rolling and smoking rollups, things are starting to fall into place .. kind of ...

Today I decided to do some baking .. Now I am not one for baking .. haven't done it since the boys were young. I got an interesting recipe from one of the walkers, bought the ingredients and set to work. LIVER CAKE. 3/4 lb liver, puried and then mixed with an egg and 1 lb wholemeal flour cooked in a moderate oven for 20 minutes.

Yuch thinks me but the dogs are going wild waiting for it to cool so they can sample my fine cooking!

So, is this how 'normal' people spend their time?

ps Now I remember why is is I don't bake .. the LIVER CAKE has turned out to be a somewhat slitterry stodge .. the dogs don't seem to mind though ;o)

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So, is this how 'normal' people spend their time?

Fek knows how they wile the hours away.

Liver? Did you run out of chocolate?


In retrospect chocolate would have been much more agreeable.

I think I know what went wrong - when the lady said one of those .. 'you know' tins, what she actually meant was a biscuit tin and not a bread tin.

Good thing is that dogs have a great constitution :p


LOl Una .. I also asked the lady in Tesco to saw the ham haugh in two .. she gave me a funny look but was very obliging!



I know whats wrong, you forgot to batter it and then deep fry it!


Euwww Aitch, I know us scots created the fried Mars Bar that sounds disgusting! Actually I am warming to it now it's had an extra half hour. Will see what the OH thinks at tea-time :)


is that your OH's tea? lol the chippy by me are selling battered creme eggs :D no i aint had one


Sounds like a recipe to cure over eating.

Pity your OH


Mmmm, my cooking ability is probably the reason I'm not too overweight (apart from the central chocolate wobble that is but we are addressing that by thought patterns)

It's true the OH didn't look too hungry when he saw the 'cake' but luckily I bought one of Tescos meal deals - good deal too - so he won't starve.

The dogs are in their elment and there's enough to feed them for a month lol

And deep fried cadbury's eggs - see us scots are great innovators!

Bon appetit!


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