No Smoking Day
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still determined

Hello forum pals,

day two . feeling ok thanks to patches and inhalator.

I know it is the adrenaline talking -and must keep well aware always. !!

just want to say thank you to Chrissie and Bradders for replying. the thought that somewhere -someone who really knows what it is like to quit makes the effort to reply ??. Wow!!

Day two has been ok. Anyone reading - for me - the inhalators are so oooo helpful. gives you something to chew on.

instead of work - I have thought so much this quit.

loads of smoke , quit, smoke again , quit , smoke again etc etc.

this time - light bulb moment:):):)

I have all the help I can expect. Medication to help wean me off nicotine .

the fact we cant smoke and be accepted in social situations.[govt directives , while piling money from us is another thread!]

the most valuable to me is this forum.

communication with real people who know what it is like to quit- and are leaning down right now to pull me up to the next stage.

but THE FACT IS -- it has to be me who makes this quit work.

I am going to make this the one .

please -all out there - throw me a rope !!

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Hi Sky Take my hand and I will pull you along until you feel strong enough to let go and take someone else’s hand, so that you can then pull someone else who is struggling along, it’s not easy I know but we have been there at the same point as you so you now know it is achievable hang in there it does get easier I promise, lollipops were what I used they helped cause as you said they are replacing the item in your hand and in your mouth but problem was I ate so much rubbish I piled on the weight and now have to diet to lose it but no prob sooner be plumper non smoker than skinny smoker, so you keep strong and it want be long before you think this is not so bad after all.


Hi sky lark

day 2 so good ..almost over & day 3 tomorrow

You sound detemined & positive..lovely to read:)

I was similar with the smoking quit cycle ....the somewhere along the way i fell off & landed lol >>Just like you something clicked ....& here I am almost 14 weeks later/ I too used patches...they good i think.

This is your time ..your quit..keep posting. Be good to hear you:)


Well done on day 2 :) tis not easy nor fun. I thought i'd been sent to hell and that was without the patches etc. I survived so i'm sure you can too. See i gave up because i had too not because i wanted to. It takes mental strength but luckily the mind is easy to control. ;)


thank you so much for replies:):)

it makes it so much easier to know there is a hand to hold on the way to freedom. it helps to just sit here and talk.

will buy lollipops tomorrow Jamangie. better than the dummy I think I need!!

you know today the best thing?

I have got some self esteem back. not daft . I know I have a huge mountain to climb .

my danger time is when my breathing improves and I think -ooh - just one.

buy pack of ten of course- and smoke the lot.

I will not this time -and I make my promise here.

for the first time in months I dont feel a loser.

remind me of this post mods - when I come whinging later-cos I know I will.

the adrenaline of quitting is still high.

ta all xx


Not going to happen if you keep control and also why when your breathing gets better would you consider a cig it would be back to crap in minutes, dont think negative thoughts have a positive attitude or you will be having to be dragged kicking and screaming all the way up the mountain :D


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