One hour away from a full day

Im just about to take my beloved dog out for a walk knowing i have done a full day in an hours time. How good is that !!!! I think the advice i was given off a few people on here, as really helped. This is actually all in the mind. The physical symptoms are not pleasant but they are not unbearable by any means !!!

Im loving the feeling Im getting at the moment... long may it last.



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  • It will last as long as you want it to and longer, and just think now you have quit you are also saving your pooch from all the toxins as well, because although most people dont seem to realise we are also killing our pets if we force them to do the passive smoking thing, my dog has lost his cough since I quit as he is with me day and night so were ever I was so was he, well nearly LOL

    You are doing so well and also you are believing that the worst of it is in your head and thats a good tack to take, this forum is a brilliant and if you keep reading all the good and bad bits it will help sustain your quit, have some fun on here as well it realy helps, have a nice evening and enjoy you second day as a none smoker.

  • I must admit i was gutted to hear from the vet that my 3 yr old sprocker had a respiritory infection. Didn't like to tell the vet i smoked at that point. Poor dog probably had cold turkey too. He's fine now and a happy quitter so he says. ;)

  • Thanks all

    Thanks for the encouragement today...... going to bed a non smoker for the first time in about 4 years :)



  • Well done Engllishbullterrier girl , noticed your name in the april shower goup fom last year that I joined. I am lucky in that nico demon failed to break me and I have now been stopped just over a year......this time YOU WILL DO IT ....................just keep saying no and it does get easier.

    As Jamanjie says you have to think of you pets too and I have also noticed that my goldfish doesn't cough now that I have quit :p

    Good luck and well done for trying again .

    Best wishes Trev

    quit 28th april 09

    3 months patches

    9 months C.T

  • I told you not to use your poor fish bowl to do the huba buba pipe through thats why your gold fish died, god men are so dim need to go fair again and hook a duck and get another for him he hasnt stopped crying for a week, so how has your second day gone and hows the wowo is he loving it xxx

  • Well done in your full day almost done EBT good are you ...well done matey xxxxxxxx

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