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day one starts in a few hours!

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Hi all, Its my first time posting on here

Anyway, im trying to quit in a few hours and this time giving it a real go instead of falling at the first hurdle!!(which iv done more than once). Iv read plenty of info and realise the key is knowing what will hit me and how to deal with that, mentally! Also, im living in China which didnt help previous as they are so cheap out here; so there was another lame excuse ;-) So now im prepared. Oh and the girlfriend will be much happier! She hates it with a passion!

Wish me luck!

I'll keep you posted ;-)


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Hi David

Best of luck to you. You are so right, information and understanding are the keys. I've also found this site helpful as it's full of people with helpful hints, wise comments and of course downright abuse!!

If the cheapy cheap Chinese brands are anything like their Egyptian equivalent they're bl**dy awful anyway!

Keep posting and go for it!

Best of luck to you David. You've got the idea, read about every angle of the addiction and get yourself mentally prepared. You don't need it, you just have to believe that!

Take it one minute/hour/day at a time, baby steps, they soon turn into leaps. Good luck.

Lorraine :)

30 mins to go

Thanks Lozza and divingdale,

Last 30 mins now, almost midnight and bedtime(8 hours ahead here in china)

So just preparing myself and brain, so when i wake up i can say yippee im a non-smoker(allan carr) instead of thinking about a cig!

I know its right, smoking is pointless! So here goes to a new healthy smoke free life! oh and great news china is finally banning smoking in public in May! just been announced!

I'll keep you posted.


Good luck David, you can do this, and if ever you need to chat to anybody to help you along, then come on here, as I found this site really helpful and the other quitters really friendly :D Im now on day 15 and feeling good, and if I can do it anybody can lol :D stay strong and we will look forward to hearing about your progress :D

Good luck David!! Im on day 9 and have found this forum and the lovely people on it a lifesaver!!! Read as much information as possible and keep reading.

Well done on your decision to quit!!:)

Ditto David, I've decided to make today my day to stop - mainly because I don't have any social engagements on this weekend so I'm hoping that will keep me on the straight and narrow!! :D I'm kind of hoping it isn't sunny this weekend as being out in the sun is a big association for me. Anyhoo, good luck and I hope you're going strong. I'm hoping this forum will keep me sane!!!

Good luck David :D

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