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day 13 and starting to get anxious

Good Morning everyone,

well I have made day 13, sore throat has almost gone thanks to the antibiotics, and I am so proud of myself. I am, however, starting to get very anxious aboyt week 3. I have heard that week 3 can be really tough but I don't understand why. I understand day 3 byt not week 3, what happens to your body/brain in week 3 to make it so hard????? I will have to be extra vigilant so those sneaky cravings don't catch me off guard. I really want to get through this so |I better get myself ready for a bit of a fight :eek:

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Hi day sixteen for me finding it hard seems harder yesterday and to day thought it would get easier but will push on pulling out all stopes to get threw.


Hiya shojam and brenda. You're both doing great on your 13 and 16 days. Firstly shojam don't make it harder by expecting it to be harder in the third week. I like a lot of others didn't notice any difference. Just keep on doing what you've been doing and the next thing you'll be asking is "Is it harder in month three" you could have asked "Is day thirteen unlucky" As for you Brenda after 16 days you know what you want and it's there for the taking, just take it. Come and tell us what your day's been like tomorrow. David


I agree with Dav, dont think cause one had a bad week 3 that you will, it is an individual responce to quitting so you should wait and see what your quit does to you, its all personal.

I think you can be driven towards a bad week by reading about it and talking yourself into it, you are doing well and if you keep eating right and staying hydrated and also as you are younger doing the nasty 9 letter word thing you will sail through your quit.

Take Care and keep focused x


Hi, firstly, well done on two weeks and as far as week three is concerned, it's just another week, slightly easier than week 2 but not as easy as week 4. Don't move ahead expecting problems, and if you have a tough day, don't blame it on week 3, it's just a tough day. I think the biggest problem that we face the longer we quit is complacency. We stop reminding ourselves daily of our reasons etc. cos smoking isn't so often on our mind, so if it does pop back for a visit we aren't so prepared. Stay vigilant, stay focussed and enjoy your week.

Lorraine :)


Day 13

hey Shojam, am right with you on Day 13, we'll do it :-)


thanks guys, funny Dave mentioned day 13, and do you know I am finding it hard today lol. Gonna go out and spend some money on birthday cake and stuff for my wee man's birthday tomorrow, he is 12 and I am going to be here with him for a very long time due to me not smoking ( he being number 1 reason for quit). I take on board what you all say, If I expect it to be hard, I will make it hard. OK need to think positive :p. And Hi Debbie, how is your quit going, haven't heard from you, would love to hear your experiences, and we will do it together, thanks guys, don't know what I'd do without you all. :)


Shojam whether you had the forum or not I am sure you will stay quit, I think that if you take the time and effort to come and find the site and to register and post then you are serious about becoming smoke free so therefore you will, have a good day and happy birthday to your little man xx


Hi Sojam (Debbie and Brenda too) :)

Congrats to you for reaching this far in your quit.

I found week 2 harder than week 3, month 2 harder than month 3...... some folk, like Dave mentioned, just sail (or plod) through the days/weeks/months and not really notice any major differences.

However, finding positives and remembering why we're quitting will help reinforce your decision to keep on with the quit.

If you haven't already, read and read again the info around this site, in particular the links in peoples signatures. In mine and others, you'll find info on the the Terrible Threes (days/weeks/months).

Read and be prepared. Remember, it's your quit and you can take control and make it a positive experience with a great ongoing outcome.

All the best to you



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