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wasn't sure where to post this!

Hi guys,

firstly congrats to me on passing my 4month marker .. yay lol

secondly , i wanted some advice.

Both of my sisters smoke but occasionally. Does this mean they are not addicted? They go out pretty much every night/other night for a fag (just the one every day).

If they were addicted wouldn't they require more?

Im always a bit miffed by part time smokers so would like to know

1. Are they addicted.. i mean they must be if they are going out to have one.

2. is it really that harmful if they are only having the one here and there.. they know the implications and are really proud of my acheivement and i dont want to come down hard on them.



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First of all congrats on 4 Months you are up with me and bet you feel excellent for achieving this goal post.

As for your sisters yes they are addicted no matter what they say because if they werent they would not do it, there is nothing to be gained by smoking one or two a day and they are still taking carsogenic elements into there lungs and blood stream, so you see they are harming there selves more than you are now.

Show them this link and you stand proud and dont be swayed by there arguement that one a day want hurt them.

Well done you for staying quit even with your sisters smoking xx


thank you


jamangie , thanks for your response. I have forwarded the article on to my sisters. Im sure they will still argue but i hope that this article will be at the forefront of their minds every time they smoke from here on.

I am proud of my four month marker.. but i have got to say i still dream about smoking all the time.

I have had a pretty stressfull two weeks.. a cousin in intensive care all week and my mother went in for 2 minor ops yesterday.. Thankfully all is better but i was seconds away from putting that ciggie in my mouth on Saturday. Thank god i didn't and thank god everyone is on the mend.



I can see how hard it is to continue to be smoke free when there are things happening around you causing stress and of course the answer last year would have been to light up, but you are showing great reserves of will power to not do it, but if you follow the possibility that you had lit up would anything have changed, no and the only conclusion would have been that you would have been struggling to stop again.

So your strength has carried you forward and will keep doing so and you are the one who will benefit and of course your family, I hope your Mum is fine after her op and that the person in ICU is getting better and of course that you are ok xx


Princess, you have had a very testing time and well done you for sticking with your quit.

Of course your sisters are addicted to cigarettes, ask them not to do it for a week, not to have their end of day, me time, reward? I feel the associations and triggers that go with cigarettes are as powerful as the physical addiction, in my case I think I have found them harder to overcome. Please do not be fooled into thinking that you can have just one cigarette a day and leave it at that, cos you won't, and i'm sure there are plenty of occasions when your sisters have more than one. And why go through the whole day waiting for that one, seems like torture to me. Why have the cigarette if you aren't addicted, whether that nicodemon is used to being fed with 1, 3 or 40 cigarettes a day, it will still demand feeding!

You have done so well, don't envy the casual smoker, and remember, although things are emotional at the moment, they won't be any less emotional if you smoke!

I wish your family a speedy recovery, be strong for yourself and for them,

Lorraine :)


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