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No Smoking Day
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wish i wasn't so stubborn!

Sometimes, like today for instance, I get a thought into my head and no matter how hard I try, how long I ignore it, it stays there, growing in momentum. This is just a little flaw in my character but has led me into trouble in the past :rolleyes:

Today my mind tells me I should go buy some tobacco and smoke. I know it's THE most ridiculous thought to have .. no logic in it whatsoever. But me being me tends to have a thought and then hold the thought until the deed is done.

So I am having a total dilemma today. I had a couple of puffs on en e-cig earlier which helped but short of having a labotomy I don't know how to stop this train of thought (not really a train, more one persistent thought nagging away at me).

In the words of a famous poet (kind of) .. Out, out dam thought!

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OMG..:eek::eek: Suze please dont...go to bed, eat something...but please dont smoke!!!!!....I feel like you and few others on here are my quitting partners as we all started stopping at the same time...if any of you smoked it would really really really upset me....please dont make me cry!!!!!:(:(....So there you are theres your reason to not be so stubborn...think of me me me me ..xx


Aw Toyah, I don't want to let you or anyone down. I believe that if I get through today without smoking tomorrow I'll be fine. I won't buy any. I do have to see a smoking neighbour today at some point so I will say NO, I DON'T WANT A ROLLUP!

Actually I have just had a glass of wine which has changed my perception .. it's a damned annoying little bug isn't it?! I want to swear on here but you know what I mean without lol


No way Jose

Aww no Suze please, please don't or I will cry too along with Toyah :( I blew my first quit towards the end of month 2 and believe it or not I still pine for that quit. And no matter how hard I try now I have yet to get back to where I was. See my latest thread :rolleyes: If you smoke now you won't enjoy it, you will hate yourself, you will cry your eyes out and regret it more than words can say. And you will end up nutty as a fruit cake like me :eek:

Don't do it Suze, you are doing so well so PLEEEEZ keep it going. Remember we are all here rooting for you, so lose the 'just one' idea pronto.

You can have my chocolate if you like ;) just don't smoke.

Zoe xxxx


what are we like zoe?

maybe i am suffering from chocolate withdrawals but have eaten so much I think I am going off it .. that's tragic!

2nd glass of wine is called for :o

and LOUD MUSIC (luckily I have no close neighbours as such and am sure the other villagers will enjoy some LOUD REGGAE MUSIC) Glad this is my thread and not yours that I'm ranting on :)


Hey Suze,

2nd glass of wine is called for

To be honest I have had a drop of brandy to calm down, so you are not alone :D Read your reply to my thread but can't get the youtube link to load and I don't want to start with the computer rage again :eek: so will try later.

And if you're sure you don't want that chocolate .... ;) xx And loud music DEFO a good idea!!


S**t ... Alex where is my IT guru when I need him? Ok no swearing but I think there's a problem here (ok apart from the world of IT, world unrest, 3rd (2nd and 1st?) world starvation, climate change etc which all seem to fade our emotional worries into insignificance. But then, as we say here 'Many a Mickle Maks a Muckle' which means we have to start off with small things to cure the big ones.

So.... how to change my stubborness, zoe's anger to world peace and love,. There must be someone out there with the answer? Or maybe not, maybe it will be one of those unanswered questions of our time.

ps .. did you note the calming infuence of Bob Marley lmao maybe the answer is so simple .. the question does not actually exist :)

ps Captain, Cavalier, HB where are you in my hour of need?

pps .. and my chef has not arrived aaargh!

ppps It's all relative actually .. there must be REAL reason to stopping smoking the weed.

PPPPs In the words of a great reggae singer 'a hungry man is an angry man' .. have you eaten yet?


I fully recommend another wine, turning the music louder and holding on to the knowledge that things really do get easier and the REAL reason to quitting the smokes will either dawn slowly but surely or just whack you between the eyes :) and being a non smoker will be the norm.

Meanwhile feel free to make disparaging noises at the advice of 'It really does get better' ;) But, it really does. It's a roller coaster ride for sure and can really test us ... but each day of crappiness and craves/wants endured and beaten makes us stronger. And those crappy days and craves? They get weaker and weaker.

Oh, and an argument with yourself over the whys and why nots of listening to that 'little thought' ... debate it, you'll win and sense will prevail ... coz being a non smoker is what you is now :)

Sack the chef and order, if able, a take-away :cool:

Hope your evening evens out and that naggy little thought pushes off.



thanks Pol .. enjoyed that little detour into reggaeness .. chef has turned up wearing pinnie (always a good sign) today will soon be a distant memory .. in the meantime PASS ME DA HEAVY RIDMS! x


PMSL...what is you lot like.....Suze...Get some Bob on and no woman no cry or you will be singing Redemption song to the three little birds outside your window when you chop their big big tree down wiv your small axe...so if the cap fit let them wear it and no Toyah no cry!!!!....ha ha shut up Fred!!!!...xxx


Ha ha Toyah your post made me laugh laugh laugh.

I have been fed so happy now .. reasonably so ;)

Am going away for a couple of days tomorrow so don't think bad of me .. will be back xxx


HA Ha Suze glad we made you laugh....Im a masive Marley fan love him!!! Have a great time what ever you are doing and please dont smoke!!!!... or I will be after you with my small axe xxxx


"I wish I wasn't so stubborn"

Good evening Suze as we approach 1 hour and 5 minutes of the start of a new day did you have a real nicotine fix? My cash says you didn't; so despite all the trials and tribulations you suffered today you've more time under our belt. More time to be proud of with the satisfaction of being able to say "I done it" despite of what life threw at me today.

Hang on in there it's not a glib cliche it does get better.

Go for it

Michael a.k.a: lefoy123 Glasgow


lol Michael I was trying to figure out what was happening in an hour and 5 minutes .. I'll be fast asleep by then methinks.

The evening has a way of calming and your money is safe for another day :)

ps did you see the response about the folly on the lamb chasing thread?


Hey SUZE< a very good, clean fresh morning to you; the sun is shining, the sky is blue and you've got through it. Another crave bites the dust! which makes you stronger for the next one, keep at it x

p.s lmao @ toyah, that was really quite clever, has fred taken over completely? Mwahhaaa


Thanks dotdot .. somebody in front of me in the shop bought my old brand of tobacco this morning and it could so easily have been me :)

Have a good weekend one and all x


Glad you ok Suze and didnt give in to your crave.....Dotdot Baldrick said Fred Rocks.:D.xxxx


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