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Not sure where I should be - sorry long post


I am walking sheepishly into this week, not too sure where I belong really. My last post was day 13 and a summary of my last week is as follows:

Day 11 blip

Day 12 no cigarettes

Day 13 - alcohol related blip no.2

Day 14 - a cigarette while sober :o

Day 15 - no cigarettes

Today - no cigarettes

So there you go... I thought about not telling the truth but I am rubbish at telling lies.

Despite the above, I am hopeful about my quit because my smoking buddy at work (the one I get the cigarettes from) is now on holiday for a few weeks. However I clearly don't trust myself ... I am relying on not having anyone that smokes around me and until everyone else in the world stops that is always going to be a factor. Feel like a complete idiot - in fact I take that back I am a compete idiot, I keep playing with fire and end up down the same road of social smoking and eventually full on smoking.

All that aside I am going going to carry on with my quit as I have a few weeks run of safe territory, if I manage the weeks that my smoking buddy is away that will still be my longest quit.

So hello week 3, this is my day 16 (with 3 stupid blips):o, i hope the rest of you are doing well and for anyone wavering - please learn from my mistakes - its not worth it.


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Honey, stay right where you are, they are only slip ups.

Just a thought, but is it worth you getting an inhalator to use when your friend is around or when you are drinking as these are your major triggers???

Or carry a straw around with you to puff on - looking a nob is better than smoking eh?

Hi Zena, at the end of your post you tell us not smoke as its not worth it and to learn from your mistakes, so girly take you own advice:D You know it is not worth it, you know why you are doing this.

Sorry if that sounds harsh, I don't mean to be.

I would suggest you read more of the links, quitting smoking is such a mental thing and education really is the key of a successful quit. Read loads and post often.

We are all here to help.

Sending you loads of PMA to get you through.

Hi zmc78

feel for you i do..the odd fag can lead one way or the my past experience sadly for me the other way time & again .....However you sound like youve got over it up & is now getting on with it....You should be proud your in day 16 ...& just remember it takes a bigger person to admit mistakes ...

.woo hoo past 2 week now for you :)

If you allow yourself to strt trusting yourself you'd stand a much better chance. Concentrate and focus on just you when it comes yto quitting, other people don't matter.

Good luck. :)

Morning ZM I know from your thread that you regret the blips so put them behind you and continue with your quit, stopping is not easy and you have now learnt a harsh lesson, one cig and you could again become a smoker, not what you want I know so you have to keep your focus on staying quit and not allow anyone friends included to be the cause of your starting again.

If only we could forget that we were smokers and wake up with no recollection or memory of it wouldn’t it be good, cant though can we so we have to just make sure we remind ourselves on a regular basis that this is our choice and the reasons we made the choice in the first place, even write it down and then every time you feel tempted read it back to yourself this will help cement the decision.

Take care and stay strong.

Thank you for your advice everyone, I am taking it all in. I think it may help me to hold something like a straw or I may look for a fake cigarette on e-bay?

Inhalers sound good, but as I quit with Allen Carr - I am of the thinking that its the nicotine my battle is against, which I actually do ok at I think, its the metal addiction that gets me.

To be honest I haven't looked at links before so will do that, and haven't written my reasons down either - so another thing for me to do. I do so well at the beginning of a quit I don't tend to do these things.

Anyway - yesterday was ok, I was very moody thanks to the reintroduction of nicotine into my system so I just went to bed early and slept it off.


Zena, don’t worry and beat yourself up any more forget it and make way for your new resolve, I found lollipops as they gave me a use for hand and mouth as I was like you and didn’t crave the nicotine too much (I don’t think I did any way) only the habit and ritual of smoking which I believe is harder to give up than the chemicals, do whatever it takes to keep your quit on track and think for you the decision to stay away from the nicotine replacement is a good idea but you could have a puffer to chew on.

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