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Day 5

Hey Guys,

Well, I'm on day 5 and I am so proud of myself. Had a bad evening yesterday. Had the worst craving so far and so nearly relapsed but I grabbed the nasal spray instead of the cigarettes and it passed after 5 mins or so. Feel more optimistic this morning and know I can do it.

Woke up with one helluva sore throat and my glands are up and I am so gunky but it's all worth it in the end.

Thanks for all your support guys. :)

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I went from feeling really optimistic this morning to really pessimistic as the day went on :(. This has definitely been my worse day so far. Hopefully I will have a better day tomorrow.


Hi Nic I am sure you will, its going to get better and before long you will think thats a good day and so on, remember you cant have good days without the bad ones else you wouldnt know the difference would you.

Weekend tomorrow so thats a bonus and keep using the forum it does help and keeps you focused x


I remember my first week well. it was tough, just know that your doing great and it will get easier. Stay very strong. :cool:


Hi nic

well done on day 5...nearly a week just gets better x & ure doing very well btw:)


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