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Ace fell off his quit horse

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i had a couple of cigarettes on the 1st of may, a couple last night whilst drinking outside a pub.

I did think of the first two cigarettes as a blip but now know i cant continue with my quit because it dont feel right.

Ive been busy got myself a job now doing car valeting which im very happy with and also going to rent a house with my girlfriend on the 1st of july which im very excited about.I feel like a new man with my new life:D

So i think that is maybe the reason why ive not been thinking much about my quit lately and i droped my gaurd down.

I dont really crave cigarettes much only time i want them is when im sat outside a pub drinking.Which is not very often

So after being quit for 4 months im back to day one tomorrow hopefully:D

lee x

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Hi Ace

I think says she typing one handed due to other hand holding a cig, no sorry jesting its actually holding Marmite toasties and dont want too stop eating, so here goes.

You have slipped twice and if you are sure that you are not going to and dont want to smoke again then count it as just that a slip, you have done so well and it worries me that if you decide to take it back to day one it will be easier to say ok another couple of days smoking want matter cause Im day one any way.

So what you need to do is get focused again and as you are going to rent a house with girlfriend she want want you stinking of baccy will she, let her know you care enough to stay smoke free and clean.

I cant give you any more reasons you know them all and could tell me some, so get supporting and reading to make you remember your original reasons for quitting Good Luck and keep us posted as to how you are getting on xx

well Ace, if you fall off your horse, the best thing to do is get straight back on it.........wish you luck with your quit, don't let it beat you :)

Hey Ace xxx

sad about this ....from reading ure post your mind seems to have been focused on other stuff ...Ure quit will happen for you ...I will look out for your day 1 post tomorrow ..fingers crossed for you ....This should be the one for you my matey..coz you deserve this chance after everything uve put into quitting xx thinkin of u:)

Hi Lee, as it has already been suggested, if you fall off, get straight back on. Four months is an awful long time to throw away. New job, new house, and a new non-smoking you?

I hope that you get straight on with quitting again, it's great that you're not craving cigarettes so why carry on to a point when you do, it does make quitting that bit harder. I think with the change in weather etc. a lot of us have had some testing moments, not so appealing stepping outside a pub in the cold and wet for a fag, but if you're sitting outside in the sun it's almost no effort, it's just another trigger to get past, and you can get past it, just like you have all the other triggers.

Come on, let's get on with it,

Lorraine :)


Thanks everyone :D

Your right 4 months is to much to throw away and would make it way more easy to say well im only on day 1 i can have a cigarette and keep putting my quit off for another day.So i shall continue with my quit and focus on beating my triggers:D

Ive had a great day at work today the weather has been nice also, and not craved once because ive been really busy.

The couple of cigarettes i had wednesday night i think i can still feel on my chest alittle so that is enough to put me off going back to nicotine slavey.

But i shall be on my gaurd just to be safe:D

Hows everyones day been today?

lee x

Hi Lee I am realy glad you have decided to give your self the benefit of the doubt, dont misunderstand me and think I condone what you did cause I dont, but I honestly believe that you have probably punished your self already knowing what a plonker you have been to have smoked when you were so far into your quit and doing so well but we are all only human and you have got back straight into your quit and as you say you can feel the aftermath of your smoke so now you probably remember why you quit.

I am glad you have had a good day and its the weekend so enjoy and remember you do not smoke, also the reason I admire you is that you could have kept quite and not told us but you didnt because you know it wouldnt have been us you were cheating but yourself, onwards and upwars to the penthouse for you and the basement for me x

Great to see you back Lee, put it all behind you and move on. Have a fabulous smoke free weekend, enjoy!

Lorraine :)

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