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I fell off the smoking wagon BIG TIME


Well, i haven't been on here for a couple of days cos to be truthful, i've been feeling ashamed.

Oh and i've been smoking so it didn't seem right somehow.

You all know it's been quite hard with OH doing it aswell, well he admitted the other day it was much harder etc etc than he's been letting on. We had another screaming match blahblah and off he went to buy some cigs... i talked him out of smoking them, doing so well etc etc . We didn't smoke..we just looked at them. After a day out the following day where he couldn't relax we came home and had a smoke:-(

Now at that point i didn't enjoy mine at all but i persevered and here i am today...i've had 2 days of smoking which i really must confess to having enjoyed but while i've been smoking i've been thinking about whether or not i really want to stop as initially it wasn't even my idea!!! I have enjoyed the health benefits of not smoking when i drag my sorry ass up that bloody rock and you know what guys....i am gonna try again.

So, here we go again!!!!

Confession by Dippydoris

Fell of the champix wagon

On day 6 of not smoking

Bit of a day 6 pattern here

Back to day 1

:mad: xxxx

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Hi DippyDoris

Welcome back, dont dwell on falling off the wagon, the important thing is that you know what has happened, and you learn from it. You've picked yourself up and are ready to do it again.

Positive Mental Thoughts

Be strong, you can do it.....

I'm so glad your back. I have done exactly what you discribed. Smoked, felt wrong to be doing it but enjoyed too. It has felt like a war going on in my head at times.

But for me I suddenly realized that I DON'T WANT TO SMOKE it's the nico:eek:demons playing with my head.

I know it's tough but keep going. were all trying and we'll all make it if we make the right choices.

Just a I chose to put a fag in my mouth 30 times a day, I now choose not to.

Good luck, be proud of yourself.

Stay strong

Hopeful x

Hi Doris :D

Don't be ashamed, you have only done what a lot os us have done after all most of us have slipped up in the past

But you're now ready to start again and that's good and you have learnt from that slip and you're back with us one day 1


Marg xxxxxx

I can totally relate to you as the same happened to me last month, but your not giving up and you can do it. Good on ya for coming back

Biggest hugs X

Dont Dispair Get Back On That Wagon


I fell off the wagon on day 6 too... due to my bf waiting until i was doing so well and then dumping me !!!

Im getting back on board tmr... regardless.... Hey I went out on Friday night and I felt so free and happy with myself. I want that feeling back... come on Dipps we can do it.




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