Day 4 CT plus no alcohol


This is my first post. I'm on day 4 of not smoking, I've tried before, but I hadn't really read enough about quitting, and would always convince myself to have one a few days down the track. Now I know better.

I was 20+ a day for 4 years. I was also a heavy drinker, have not touched the bottle in 11 days which is longer then I can remember.

I feel the best I ever have for a long, long time. Eating well too, drinking lots of green tea to fill in time when I would usually have a smoke.

Anyway hope to keep one step ahead of those demons.


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  • Hi Sam.

    4 days no smoking cold turkey is no mean feat. I'm still on the nicotine gum weeks after I quit. Are you getting support with the not-drinking? I have not drunk alcohol for some years now but the early months can be quite difficult.

  • Hi Sam and welcome to the forum. Have a look around you will find lots of useful advice. Day 4 is fantastic well on your way to a week. I also did it CT as I felt it was the only way for me, by day 3 all the nicotine is out of your body so that can only be a good thing.

    Well done also on the not drinking, don't think I could manage quitting both things at the same time.

    I hope you have a great support system around you at home, but if you do or don't you find a great support system around here. Post often and let us know how you are getting on.

  • Hi Sam and well done! I stopped the booze too, before the cigs but I knew I'd have to to stay off the cigs, the two went hand in hand for me. So I know it's a double whammy quitting both, but double the achievement keeping two demons at bay! We've got to be healthier and richer on both fronts!

    Keep at it, it's worth it :)

    Catherine xx

  • Hi Sam

    Day 4 of ct is great news, you are starting to get over the worst of it so keep it up. I carried on drinking when i quit but i have also given up alcohol now, well.. on day 17 i think it was and i'm now on day 26 i think? Anyway well done and keep posting.

  • Thanks for the support guys, really helps.

    Was at a friends house tonight, one of them was smoking, was very hard to resist, but managed to.

    Just have to keep telling myself the reasons I wanted to quit in the first place and this forum really does help I think.

    Far as support goes, I have a really good friend who is helping me, she quit smoking last year...She made me promise to ring her first if I was going to have a smoke haha

    Will keep you posted on my progress, hopefully make it to 1 week..


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