No Smoking Day
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Ma reasons

1. Bending down to pick up and empty that jam jar full of cigarette ends was giving me back-ache.

2. The folk ootside the pub smoking with me were winging too much about 'the good ol' days of having a fag wie their pint'.

3. The woman at the cig counter at asda automatically lifting '20 Mayfair' without asking what i wanted coz i wiz there all the time.

4. Being late for every appointment and from every lunch break coz i would just 'have one more'.

5. Having to talk to my nosy neighbour everytime i went ootside for a cig.

6. Mental stress of trying to work oot if i had enough money for my lunch as well as my cigs.

7. Hassle of having to make out to everyone that ma heavy smoking cough was actually unrelated to ma 20+ a day habit and that i must have caught a bug or something.

8. Having to go to the 24hour shop at midnight coz ma 10 cigs i had left 'might no do me to tomorrow'.

9. Constantly blaming the dog aboot the 'smell' of the car.

10. Knowing how much i wiz get ripped off after coming home fae abroad.

My serious list.

1. Health, wanna live longer than a midgie.

2. Family, wanna see them grow up and look after me when im old.

3. Money, wanna get that bouncy castle that ive been looking at for years in that shop window.

4. Love, wanna keep hold of my other half (Who else would wash my dirty pants?)

5. To be smoke free for good so i can help others break the dirty habit.

Seriously guys if i can do it anyone can. Just remember, the word 'impossible' has 'possible' in it.

Cheers for reading :)

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Nice list....

Great lists Al buddy - One of the girls in my local shop still has 20 Mayfair Menthol ready when I get through the door - lol :)



Good enough reasons for anyone Al,nice one,keep it up.


10. Knowing how much i wiz get ripped off after coming home fae abroad.

Yup - just think how many presents we can all buy ourselves with the money saved - tax will only be hoiked up again in April ;)

Loosing my daily cough was a very weird experience & a great one for everyone to have on the list. I didn't really think I coughed that much. I am now noticing the absence of it :eek::D


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