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i can breathe again

Hi everyone hope you all doing ok ??

Had a tough day today many times i wanted a cig but just kept tellin myself "you have got to day 10, and i if i have one that will lead to another one and you will have to do day one all over again" lol the games your head plays with you. But yesterday the sun was shinning and me and my other half (who smokes by the way) went for a 2 1/2 mile walk it was amazing because i could breathe again was not gasping for air at all, havernt felt like that since i was a teen,and i could see it was killing the other half coz i just wanted to keep going he was the one who was gasping for air and i had such hahha smile on my face lol well day 10 nearly over now lets wont day 11 brings.

Night all xx

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Hi Justsmile,

Happy day 10 to you! I am glad your breathing is so much better already. Way to go :D

Have a good night & roll on day 11 ;)

gaynor x


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