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No Smoking Day
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day 14

hellloooo y'all :)

Day 14 for me - and last night was the third night ive drank and didnt smoke!! Dont get me wrong, i reeeally wanted to -all sorts of evil thoughts going through my head like 'maybe this can be my 'blip' - just this once'. However, i told myself i would have a nicorette mini first then reassess the situation - and 'ta-da' I didnt want one anymore! Those things are like life savers to me - i dont take them much but its so good knowing they are in my bag to quench any nasty craving that comes along!!

I think what else motivates me to get through the nights out without smoking is the thought of waking up in the morning and thinking 'i rock :D' for not smoking - dont think i could cope with the disappointment in myself if i had given in!!

Anyway those are my day 14 thoughts - hope you are all feeling splendid this fine saturday morning


I just realised they changed the date to the 2011 stop date - thats now my penthouse goal :D :D


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