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Question (patches)

Prolly a silly question....

Ok so patches have different mg of nicotine in them yes....

Right just trying to work out how to say this now lol

ok... my patches invisi are 25mg and they are 16 hour patches... does this mean that the 25mg of nicotine is dispersed throughout the whole 16 hours? ( yes i think)

Ok so then i have been putting mine on after an hour or so of waking so around 9/9:30 am... then have been taking them off around 10pm.. does this mean that i am not actually using all the 25mg? and so do you think in a few weeks time when i change down a size this will be beneficial to me because i have not been using all the 25mg up? ( if thats the case)

answers on a postcard... :D

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p.s... am just going for an afternoon sleep on the sofa before school pick up, so not ignoring your replies ( if any lol)... will be back later xx


hey snow,

i've been thinking along the same lines...although the first few days I must admit to staying up half the night cause i didn't want to be deprived of any nicotine! tragic but true.

Im hoping that by taking the patch off after around 12 hours, i'll cope fabby well once I come down to the lower dose. Thats not for a few weeks yet tho but ill let you know how i get on.


Hi Peesha,

thanks for your reply :)

are you on the 24hr ones then?

We can both let eachother know how it goes with the "comming down" ..

I wont be for a few weeks yet though either x



Stepping down on the patches is ok. I didn't even really notice till I thought I did feel a little spacey like when you stop cold turkey. It was only minor & didn't last long though. Whatever happens you'll get through it & nothing can be as bad as those first few days after all :p

Gaynor x


Why is that spammers invariably dig into a thread that ages old?

Ever thought that translation isn't actually the best career path for you, Alif :p


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