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Day...13 wow: Question too about patch


I can hardly believe day thirteen is here. Yesterday being a holiday here I had a terrific day with friends and family and no desire to smoke even with a few people smoking around me. Now I know a big part of that is having the nicorett......but I also used to smoke a lot out of boredom! Being in a social atmosphere having a few beers and not feeling the need to smoke was so refreshing!

For now I am not stressing that I am using the gum....I am afraid knowing that I am still putting the nicotine in my body but have decided for now I will concentrate on the fact that I am not smoking. I am contemplateing switching the patch so the habit of chewing the gum doesn't become an issue when the time comes to give up the replacement therapy. Anyone that has used NRT......did you have a lot of problems when it was time to stop using the NRT?



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Congratulations on day 13 very well done to you...

i have used patches before but just wait on here and the guys with more experience on patches will be with you shortly!




Hiya there Hanna,

I've used patches on this quit and am now on my third day without them. I cut the patches down during the past week. Don't mean to scare you or anything but I found coming off the NRT to be a bit challenging and like you I was doing great while I was on them but started craving once I started cutting down Basic idea is to get out of the habit of smoking with NRT then go cold turkey as soon as you feel strong enough that way the nicotine will be out of the system and life should hopefully start being normal. Anyhoo as Alan Carr says there's no physical pain just a sort of mental 'I should be doing something' and if you've not smoked for a few weeks and have regained your sense of smell and taste then you'll be more un-likely to be willing to give that up. So use your NRT as long as you feel you need to and when you've got out of the habit part then book yourself a weekend of chocolate and movies and come off the NRT :) Good luck and take care not to come off too soon!

hi hanna

hi hanna well done you 13days into quit - you mentioned about nicorette gum.. for me personally i used gum & it became an habit - just replaced the fags, then i began to smoke again n still used gum.. this went on for over 2 years - so today i am on the patch day 6 into quit - i can understand what youre concern is... but then i was probably a rare case n in all honesty at day 13 on previous quit i couldnt have been round smokers or attempted alcohol - so you sound much more in control then i was at the time...

i didnt do the gum properly in weaning off.. works for lots of people but sadly didnt for me. I am just hopeing that the patch will sort me out.. time will tell .. i am dredding too the day i complete the course - but at the same time i want to complete the 3 months because i think it must be their for a reason & i also think too many quitters are rushing into getting off nrt too quickly in the beginning with fear of getting addicted which of course i can fully relate to - but i think if done properly it makes life that little bit easier at the beginning so you & me & everyone else quitting using nrt can come to terms with the psychological side... so ive been told - anyway speech over .. & well done you xx

Thank you

Thank you for all the great info and support! I love this forum!!!!

Everyone keep up the great work with their quits.


Hiya Hanna

I used patches to stop me smoking, I was on the NHS programme and went the full course nearly, you should know how you feel when you're in the process of cutting down, it was no problem for me, started on 21 then 14 and finished up on the 7. In the end I was left with 11 patches that I never used. We're all different and if you want to try cutting down before you're ready that's up to you. David

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