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Day 9 - Am I mad


I am on day 9 today but still craving like mad. I am reading all your posts which help me get through but lots are having a tougher time at the moment than me and I feel like I am gonna cave.

My two little ones are pushing the boundaries today & I just want to light up, please tell me this will pass as feel like I must be going mad still wanting one and keep saying I'll just have one but I know one will lead to another blah blah blah.


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Hi, don't kids just love to push the boundries lol. You'll get through it, whatever you do just DO NOT SMOKE!

It takes courage to stop smoking and a hell of alot of determination to get through the cravings and memories of smoking. Be proud of yourself.

My kids are older (12,10,8) and i told them that i was stopping and to expect me to be in an awful mood and very snappy but to remember i don't mean it.

I've had to walk away from them in order to protect them :eek: seriously i would have snapped for no reason or fault of their own bless them.

Be stong, we're all going through it. :)


Hi Sandra

Yes it will pass and many of us have difficult days as well. The cigarette will not help your stress, so why bother? Try and find a distraction for both you and your little ones - a trip to the park or an activity indoors. Not sure how old they are but mine loved play dough made from salt, flour and water and it kept them amused for ages.

Also I find taking 10 deep slow breaths helps – it’s like smoking but without the ciggie :eek:

Stay strong


hi sandra day 9 wow that is so good.

kids yeah i know wot u mean!! mine stress me like hell...however i was more stressed wen i smoked & infact more short tempered kind of waiting for the next moment i could sneak off for one....deep breaths are good i agree with steph.......or just go in another room & give ureself time out :Dxxx thinking of you..good luck with today xxx



Thanks, I'm watching Desperate Housewives & having some monster munch instead.

Thanks for letting me rant



Day 9 too

Hi, I'm on Day 9 too and although I'm still not feeling amazingly better I definitely wouldn't have got this far without this forum and I'm even starting to think that I might actually make it this time!

I think I've got to the stage where smoking isn't an option but unfortunately not sure what to replace it with when I get stressed or down so just sort of battling through and hoping that in a few days I won't get so stressed or down.


Hi Sandra,

Hope the monster munch & desperate thingies helped take your mind of craves for a bit.

Ciggies don't make children behave LOL, they would be doing whatever it is they are doing whether you smoke or not. Just as well or every parent including me would be a smoker :eek: Seriously though, it does get easier. Take deep breaths & just keep reminding yourself it won't help one jot.

If you get close, come on here, we'll soon put you off having that just one :D

Gaynor x


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