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No Smoking Day
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Day 1

Its day one of year 2

I have posted this in Day 1 section as well as 1 year. I hope this helps any one who maybe struggling.

I can’t believe I am here, one year on. Not because I doubted I would ever stop smoking, I knew I’d stop smoking, one way or another eventually. No the reason I’m surprised is that I smoked in the first place and for so long.

It’s easier now, looking back but why did I ever smoke?

To give myself confidence. To make me look cool in front of the opposite sex, ok so I could get some sex really. I enjoyed it. There was nothing better than a smoke after a meal. The day had Y in it.

Now I’ve stopped I’m not some nervous wreck that can’t talk to people as I’ve lost all my confidence and looking for my next fix of nicotine. I never really looked cool with a fag hanging out of my mouth, just can’t pull that look off.

The feeling you get from saying I don’t smoke after you have been offered a cigarette is out of this world. Far better than the dizzy sick feeling you get from inhaling smoke.

Now I’ve stopped, I smell better, look better, feel better and have a lot more money.

My reason for giving up, wasn’t my health, truth is I didn’t care about that, I could still do my fitness test and beat guys 10 to 15 years younger than me. I gave up for the money, cause I’m a greedy sod. Since stopping, I’ve got loads of new CDs DVDs starting my diving courses and been on holiday.

It hasn’t been easy getting here, and I know all of you reading this on day one two or three are going to say well it’s harder for me than it was for you. I so said that, “you’re lucky it was so easy this is killing me” Truth is it wasn’t. Each time I had a trigger flare off in my head, I had to make a choice, this quit and there’s been loads before, I’ve made a long line of choices; I chose not to have one.

Every time I said no or gone and sat in darkened room by myself and brooded I got a little stronger each time,

Now after 1 year or 12 months or 365 days which ever you count it I can confidently say I Don’t Smoke and I here with a little help from my friends.

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Nice one Maverick...........WELL DONE !

Enjoy your new found freedom in the penthouse :D

Regards Trev

20 a day for 30 year

Quit 28th april 09

3 months patches

7 months 2 weeks C.T


Great read Maverick :)

Well done to you.. i cant wait to hit that "year" mark, but am taking one day at a time .



Well done and thankyou for sharing that .It sort of gives you a light at the end of the tunnel .

jan xxxxxx


brilliant you done well

keep going.

yes its crazy to smoke and I bet we think why did we start in first place.

how mch have you saved< or if like me spent on other things. I am around £550 based on $5 a day, all spent on things I had to get sorted, but instead of going in red my bank balance looks healthier

keep going



Maverick - congratulations!

And what a brilliant post. I'm coming up to 7 months - and so much you say rings true with me also. I was like "health schmealth - gis a fag" - never bothered me at all. How stupid!!

But I, also, am loving the money!



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