No Smoking Day
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Day 1

Hey guys, great community you have here. I Decided to quit 2 days ago after maybe a year of thinking about it, thats when I stumbled onto this site and was inspired to see people having overcome far heavier habbits than mine.

I've smoked for about 13 years now, around 15 - 20 a day, I did actually smoke a lot more than that but after I quit drinking it dropped. All in all I want to be healthier, I want more money and I just know it'd really make my wife happy.

Anyways I feel in a good state of mind for this, to test the waters I went all of yesterday without a smoke untill hour 22 had half a cigarette and put it out. Felt quilty and regretfull that I couldnt call that day 1. But I I'm learning already. So its cold turkey from here, aside from maybe the odd herbal cigarette, are they a bad idea?


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Welcome aboard. You've come to the right place. I haven't seen herbal cigarettes for many years. I remember trying them and they tasted horrible.

The best advice I can give you is to read lots of posts and visit here often


well I made it 24hrs, feeling ok. There were a few times today when I woulda given in if I had of had a cigarette on me so I guess I'm weaker for it than I thought.

I think your on the money Karri about the herbals, they really left me feeling like I was not moving forward.

On a good note I think I've identified the hardest triggers to fight, feel a litttle daunted at the idea of another 24


Hi Brad

Well done making the decision to stop.

Best decision you have ever made :)

I agree with Karri, I could not handle smoking anything to be honest as it would be too similar a habit...also can't get my brain around sucking any smoke in to my lungs ever again....can't be healthy even if it says "herbal" on the pack :)

You will identify your triggers more and more as you go on. I didn't realise how ingrained smoking was as a habit in everything I did.

Just take your time and unravel it's winding fingers bit by bit.

You'll be fine :)

You CAN do this and you WILL do this :D

Good luck



Thanks for the encouragment Nifty. This forum really makes me hopefull. Strange I've never really posted anything online, but this seems as tho it'll help


Hi B.

Welcome to the forum. Can't really advise you on herbal cigarettes as I've never used them. To me it would seem too much like smoking the real thing.

Good luck with your quit and keep posting :)

Love May x


cheers May

cheers May, I will keep posting, on that note I think I'll go post in Day 2, feels good like I've moved onto the next level in a video game


Thanks for the encouragment Nifty. This forum really makes me hopefull. Strange I've never really posted anything online, but this seems as tho it'll help


I have never been a lover of forums either. Never been involved with one before and certainly never posted....but this is different!

The people are fantastic.....they get me through every time....

They have helped me ... more than I could ever have imagined.....

Take care



Hi BR,

This forum is really supportive and people get back to you with kind messages really quickly. I've found it to make "the difference" over the last week I've been going cold turkey.

Keep the faith mate




Hi Brad,you are right this forum is the place to help you quit.Everyone on it has been where you are now and you can read through the different stories and relate to so many as the days go by.And they will go by,quite quickly,just keep busy and remember why you quit.:D


Hi brad and your doing well, just ease up on yourself, adding pressure wont help you,

If you are hit with a crave close your eyes long slow deep breath in and out a few times if needed, and the important bit is SMILE at the end of it, you deserve a big smile, you just pushed through a crave, also smiling (big grin remember not a half smile or one thats like a wave on a slop bucket) makes you feel better,

then i tend to reach for the sweets but even that has eased now, still breathing deeply though,

The craves will lessen to what i call flashes (you'll be doing somethying and think oh fag and its gone) and then there will be a random crave that makes you angry (remember a crave is ok giving in is not) & when they hit we are here!!!

Chin up love, deep breath and SMILE :D


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