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Day Three already !!

Morning all...

Well day three for me and i wonder what the day has install for me!!

Have woken up absolutely starving, which just isnt me.. i never eat before 1pm :eek:

Didnt wake until 9:30am, then debated if to put on a patch or not.... nicodemon started up his mind games so 10 mins ago i gave in and stuck one on.

Just going to try and keep busy again today... quite easy when you have four boys at home most the day lol

My mums comming round later, so might tell her that i have finally given up the fags, was going to keep it from her until i had done a week but feel so blooming chuffed with myself i need to tell :D


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Careful Snow - the 'I dont need to put a patch on' trick is exactly what the little monster wants to hear!! Keep on with the patches if they work for you. Dont give him a chance to trick you into having one.

Top Tip - dont refer to it as giving up - refer to it as stopping. Its harder to give something up than to stop something thats killing you. Just a thought.

Tell your mum - you should be proud - day 3 is tough but you'll come through to day 4 and before you know it you'll be healthier, richer and your kids wont associate you with that ash tray smell (i speak from experience with this one).

Liam XX


Hi Liam.

Thank you for your top tip... it totally makes sense, as does the thinking of not having a patch on. The monster did rear its ugly head and so i wont be doing that again in a hurry.

I think my main concern is reading posts that people are finding it hard to "go down" in their patches. So i am trying to keep an open mind that they are psychological so that when my time comes to change down they wont affect me as much ( hope it works)

my mum was pleased as punch and very proud of me. She quit nearly 3 years ago after 30 years of smoking. Im so proud of her.

Funny you should say about the "ash tray" smell, my eldest came home from a sleep over earlier and asked me what was the smell in the house... he was actually referring to the nice smell of frsh air (windows open) and polish.He said it smelt much nicer then it has before :)

thanks for your support



You are doing brilliantly snow33.

Keeping busy was my key to quitting - oh and this forum of course! If you are not busy log on here and read lots of the posts. In fact do anything rather than smoke. Keep going and before you know it that first week will be over and done with. Although there are some tough times ahead, nothing is as tough as the first week - once you know you can get through a week, you know you can do it.

Well done again on getting this far!


Thank you Jerry,

I do honestly feel good/chuffed/pleased etc etc

Only 3 hrs to go and i hit day four whoop whoop :D

Just a quick question ... im using the patch, but love my soak in the bath..but worried my patch will get too wet and fall off :o

So have been bathing leaving one arm out of the water lol

Do they fall off easily after a bath? silly question prolly sorry



Just wanted to add something for you Snow33...

i quit using patches, and went down in the patch size at exactly the time specified on the box, (even when i felt i could have done so weeks sooner), and all i had to contend with was what i called an 'adjustment period' which lasted about 3 days or so... it wasn't hard to get through as such, you just re-adjust to the lower intake of nicotine, and what i did on those 3 days was to buy some fruit juice and i cut down on my coffee and upped my vitamin C instead. Seemed to work for me.

Its totally doable, don't fret over dropping down on patches later, your in day 3(likely day 4 by now anyway), so you don't need to worry about something that may well be 5 weeks off yet.

take your time, freedom is waiting for you however long you take to get to it.



Thank for that Jase. :)

Its great advice .. will definately wait until the right time

Snow x


hi snow..

3 days done that is something to shout about xx

I use patches & I think they do help..kind of take the edge off sort of wen u have a baby the gas n air takes the edge off but it still blimin hurts & is dont underestimate the strength you have with this is you who is choosing not to buy the is you who get up everyday & chooses to put a patch on & not smoke.....xxxxxxxxxx well done you

4 boys at home!! :eek: stress city :p


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