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life insurance


Im now on day 5 using champix (had a bad day by the way) and soooo determined that i will never ever ever have another ciggy ever so have just taken out some life insurance,

I kept amending my quote to see what the difference was between

1.non smoker

2 smoked in the last 12 :)

3 current smoker, holy crap what a difference !!!!!!!!!!!!!! :eek:

£50,000 difference people !!

obviosly i didnt lie and i put down i used to smoke, :D which bumped up my lump sum. so another BIG reason to never smoke again.

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this is true for me too my financial advisor is a friend and says I can change to a non-smoker after a year - eyes on the penthouse

how good will that feel! then u can never actually smoke again anyway as your in a contract to say u dont haha!!


Day 4 for me too - 361 days to go ;) perhaps not the best way of looking at it haha!!!!


I took out life insurance a few weeks ago, after losing my brother suddenly on Boxing day i thought to myself.. "if i was to go, my hubby wouldnt get any help.

By looking at the difference in wether you smoked or not, took me by suprise.

So i too am now counting down the days to when i can say i havent smoked for a year and monthly fee will go down.

You dont really inderstand how much smoking costs you when you add up all the little bits of extra's that comes with smoking.

I was shocked when i used a calculator yesterday and found that alone on fags i have spent just under 50k in the years i have been smoking... so adding up the extra's is something i so need to do now.

Well done on giving up, keep it going you can do this


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