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finished with my old life

Hi to all,

tonight i smoked my last cig and ended my old life as a dirty smelly health eating smoker. this as many of you will know is not my first attempt,but have been quietly sitting in the back ground getting my brain in order and also waiting for my antidepressants to kick in.

on other quits i would be overcome with depression and sleepless nights and not being a very nice person to be around. which in family life made things so much more stressful.not for me in general but for everyone my plan was to go away sort out a few things and get back to now start of day 1.

I really can not fail this time this is not an option and i am feeling abit nervous ,but eh its to be expected .......i am now a non smoker ready for a fresh start .

keeping strong and positive with baby steps ahead !!!.

much love ali x

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Hi alison, welcome back, you dont need to feel nervous, you have taken the time to prepare yourself and will have learnt a lot ready to take yourself into your successfull quit!, You can do it, we will all be here for you to support you, its great to see you back on here and look forward to seeing you move upwards!

You can do it!



Hi Ali,

Really good to see you. :D Take it in whatever size steps you need to, but do it smoke-free. Keep strong.



Hi Ali

I think preperation can be the key so it sounds like you will be successful this can do it :)

Ali x


Hello Ali,

Welcome back, I hope things are right for you this time good luck.



Morning all,:D

Thanks for all your replies,

Well here we go day 1 & feeling ok ,i will post on here when i can feels good to be back.

Beautiful sunny day so will keep myself busy in the garden.Thankyou for everyones support once again ,hope i can get through it this time.

love ali xx


Hi Ali :D

Welcome back and well done you for starting again

Forget the past failures and look forward to a smoke free future

We're all here for you


Marg xxxxxxx


Hi Alison, welcome back Ive dropped back since you were last on so only a day ahead of you. Just think when we have cracked this we will be much stronger people aswell as healthy. Tracy advised me to write every thing down in a journal, I started mine yesterday on my comp and I am putting everything down even just reading back on what I put yesterday helps. I seem to end up in tears and snappy just like you say you have been and thats when I seem to fall but this time I am hoping I will see the signs before that happens and be ready for it.

Biggest hugs X smoke free life here we come :)


Hi mel,

many thanks for your kind words, thats a good idea doing a journal. i have been busy for most of the day and to be truthful feeling like ive lost something at the moment, but determined not to give in this time. there are so many advantages to not smoking and none to carry on eh.

Well done you for carrying on ,keep strong.we will have to give each other encouragement .here`s to a new healthy life as a non smoker !!.

Big hugs back xx ali xx


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