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Day One after a FOUR MONTH relapse

Hey folks...

So I'm back to quitting as of today, after a 4 month relapse... I am using NRT treatment and the stop smoking service to help me through this time, so there is some planning involved, so fingers crossed it won't be as bad as last time... am still kicking myself that I was 4 days off of the year when I relapse, that was a real shame.

I have the Inhalators (taste revolting, and catch in my throat).... it will be interesting to see how affective they are on craving.

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Morning Vicki

Well done for taking the decision to quit again - good luck today!



Hi Vicki and welcome back.

Sounds like you have a really positive head on thats great. You know what to do, read the links, post often, stay focused and positive, and of course NOPE!

Well done for choosing not to smoke.


Hi Vicky,

Well done for trying again hunny..

Good luck and stay positive



Hello stranger!

Good to see you back, I did wonder if you'd managed to pull it back as a blip or if you'd gone back to smoking. You know the drill! Read Read and post and read. Will keep an eye out for you as you go along. Fi x


How are you getting on now vicki, not seen any posts from you since.. still going strong with this restart?


Hi Vicki only 4 days off a year and Mr Nico tricked you ...buggah !

Well at least you stopped for a year and gave your body a huge favour :cool: WELL DONE YOU ..its still a fantastic achievement .

Soooooooooo now you are composed and re armed to do battle again GOOOOO GIIIIIIIIRL, :p

Can sense your determination already !

Good luck and best wishes


Quit 28th april 09

12 days from reaching the penthouse ( better look over my shoulder in 8 days in case he tries to trick me too) :(


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