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Relapse after 6 months advice needed

Hi everyone,

Well i was doing great or so i thought i stopped smoking in december it was my first serious attempt.

The months prior to this i read allen carrs book and although i didnt stop after reading it i must say it changed my outlook on smoking.

All the time i was smoking i was thinking i must stop.

In december i became very ill and as always i developed a chest infection but this time i just thought enough is enough i felt so ill smoking and just stoped.

The next day i went to a stop smoking group and she recommened i use patches and gum so for 3 months used patches and i think i became hooked on the gum.

Up untill i smoked again i was using 8 pieces a day.

Well my reason/excuse was i went on holiday for 2 weeks and within 3 days i decided i will just have one.

I honestly believed cause i had stopped i could just stop again no problems well i was wrong.

And now 6 weeks later i am puffing like a chimney and feel so disapointed in myself.

Last weekend i tried again and didnt last a day i just dont know how i am going to stop again as i am back to being scared to stop.

I am reading allen carr book again and i dont know whether to go back on patches, try something else like champix, or try to go cold turkey.

The reason i think i started again was i felt like i was missing out by not smoking mad i know but that feeling didnt leave me.

I really want to stop again and have learnt i cant just have one but im scared at the same time.

Anyway thas were i am at any help appriciated

cheers sally

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Hey Sally...... I so feel for you! I want to say, you did it once, you can do it again but that is too cliche, isn't it?!! I have found that lately I have to make that choice not to smoke again daily.... the temptation is always there...... but I manage to talk myself out of it daily and each morning I wake, I am so glad I made it..... always waiting for that day I don't think of it at all :) It is annoying to do so daily.... a big pain..... but that is the prize for freedom from addiction.

Don't beat up on yourself. Use this time to prepare for your next quit..... learn about your addiction as much as you can, look within to see your what happened, why did you pick one up while on vacation, etc..... not smoking is what you do every day. It is not terribly exciting BUT if you remind yourself daily of the gains you will find it within you to stick with it and appreciate the journey. When you are ready you will know! Good luck to you!!! XOXOX


U Can Do It....

Hi Sally, so sorry to hear of your relapse, I have also done that before and know how disappointed you must feel..... I would never be complacent again as I know it only take ONE...... But remember you have done well and can do again.... Also you say it was your first serious quit, most people try alot more then once before they acheive their goal... So stick at it Sally, You have proved you CAN do it..... This forum is also a brilliant help..... Good Luck Kaz :)


I want to say, you did it once, you can do it again but that is too cliche, isn't it?!!

It may be a cliché, but its also true. Don't be scared be determined and work on that frame of mind!

Use the experience to learn from. You smoked, it didn't do anything for you other than make you feel annoyed with yourself! You weren't actually missing out on anything. Letting go of the idea that by quitting you are making some great sacrifice is the best way to stay stopped for good.

Remember N.O.P.E. Not One Puff Ever

Good luck with the 'new' quit.



Hi Sally :D

I am so sad to hear about your relapse after 6 months and can imagine how angry you feel with yourself, but as you say you've learnt from it which will help you this time around

You know all the things to do reading and so on just as you know the pitfalls to watch for

If you really can't face CT see the Dr/Nurse re other help like chamoix which I used and found was a great help but like everything esle it doesn't suit everyone

Don't be frightened, the thought is worse than the quitting Honest and you won't be losing anything at all but you will regain control of your life and that has to be good!!!!!!!!


Marg xxxxxxxxxx


sorry to hear about your replase Sally... there is one beautiful thing about this is you can see that if you quit again you can never have another one

I did a very similar thing after an 8 year quit, I ended up back on them for another 2 years and ... quit again, then had another and was back on them again for 4 years... the thing I learned was if you were a smoker and gave up, you'll never be able to have just one... the addiction remains with you permenently... I also gave up in December and made a definite decision to never touch one again... for the most part I don't miss em, but there's the occasional day when I would kill for one... I just remind myself that I have worked hard to get off them, and would have to do the whole quit again... thats enough to keep me going

I hope you can get off them again, and stay off them:D


Hi Sally - firstly thank you for posting this as it will serve as a real warning to others that it is easy to be fooled by the dreaded nico-demon! It happened to me after having quit for over 4 years.

Now you must put it behind you and get planning to quit again. That means setting a date/ seeking help with NRT or whatever suits you to get you back into the right frame of mind.

Yes it will be tough again for the first few days but then it will get easier again, and this time it'll be easier than last time because you know what to expect and how to avoid being caught again by the nioco-demon.

Good luck and let us all know how you get on!


Thanks for all your replies it has really helped me.

I am thinking of trying the patches again and i have some patches that are 25mg over 16 hours.

But i was wondering if i was to use the 2mg gum would that be to much?

At the moment i am smoking 30 aday and am not sure if the two combined would be more nicotine then what i am getting now.

Any advice appriciated

cheers sally


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