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Day 2 - I made it!


Yippee. After a crummy day 1 I made it to day 2. Not so snarly today thank goodness. Been keeping busy spring cleaning like crazy. My never smoker DH hasn't once commented on my not smoking so far, and has been keeping his distance which is irritating. Thought I'd come share my success with you guys.

I quit for 18 months before and I'm determined to do it for good this time. Remember being surprised how easy it was last time -as simple as not smoking. This time round it is TORTURE! I figure if I get a week under my belt I'm sailing, but time is dragging...

Any good tips for self distraction?

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congrats on making it to day 2 - im also there, also a bit irritated today!

but already noticing benefits :)


well done and good luck:D


Hey Jooquit!

Congratulations, day 2 already, you're doing well..

I'm in my 2nd week now. In an ideal world I'd be exercising to distract myself but I've not been well enough so I've had to find other things. So far I've found mindless computer games like solitaire and tetris or bejewelled on facebook good for riding out crave episodes, reading this forum, eating (not so good!), cooking lots of things that need lots and lots of veg chopping really small, and sometimes, just getting up and walking round the house..


lol, now I come to think about it, I have been playing Bejeweled on my phone a lot, and I never did before I quit :confused:

Maybe we stumbled upon the secret of quiting :eek:

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