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1st day of week 3: boy am I grouchy! the last two nights my kids have been piling in our bed in the middle of the night.....I am not getting a lot of sleep and I am a complete grouch today. I feel super guilty because I have been very testy with my children. I yelled them a few times today for minor things. When I got up at 6 AM to take the kids to swim lessons...the house was quiet, coffee was brewing and I wanted to relax on the deck so bad with coffee and a smoke to start my day. Of coarse we don't have any in the house...thank goodness!!!

Of coarse my mind goes there....if I could just sit on the deck with a smoke and relax....I would be in a much better mood. I won't do feels too good now when I go to the gym as a non-smoker....I am not giving that up for a stupid smoke. I just hate how irritable I am right poor kids...they must think their mom is a nutcase! So......I am going to buy two new wicker chairs for the deck....they are on sale and in just two weeks my husband and I have probably saved some $140.00 not smoking! So it is my treat! Not to mention....I am not having my usual evening glass of wine as much so we are saving there as well.

I think I remember reading many people trip up in the third week of quitting. The gum is definitely keeping me from doing that.......I know I am still physically addicted and still getting the nicotine from the gum but I don't think I knew just how emotionally addicted I was. I had given up years ago smoking inside, or in the car or in public really......but boy did I smoke a lot at home on the deck or in the garage.

I hope everyone elses day is going better than mine is today! I wish I could just crawl in bed and sleep until tomorrow!


quit 7 : Day 15 39 year old mom of 4 : 24 year smoker 20-30 a day.

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Being a grouchy/crazy/insane non-smoker is unfortunately part of the healing process. I feel like a total fruit n nut bar with 80% added nuts which is about 50% more nutty than what I usually am. Luckily my mood has started to become more even in my fourth week and now that I'm completely free of nicotine it has been a lot better. You might find like I did that your NRT patches or gum affect your mood cos of course it's still nicotine so if you try to balance out your day so that nicotine is coming at small but level doses (such as with the patches) then it could help with any major craze fests. One day soon we'll be calm types ;) (although you have four kids so are you ever able to be calm? :S)


Glad I'm not the only nut!

Thank you for letting me know I am not the only insane one around here. And yes having 4 boys 8 and under probably contributes about 50% of my insanity. It is wonderful but can be very stressful and has been the reason for a long time I would not quit smoking......smoking was my "me" time. However....we all know it's the drug that lets your mind believe in these crazy notions.

Anyway.....thank you. You are right about the patch I am considering switching to it. I need to investigate what dose I should use.



Yeah i had a REALLY stressful first few days in week three aswell

3s apparently are quite common.

congratulations so far, week 4 is around the corner for me and you, and thats supposed to be a lot easier!

well done again!





Hi Hannah :D

Sorry you're having a rough time in week 3 but lots of us do for some reason don't worry about yelling at the kids it will pass Promise

Well done for treating yourself to the chairs just keep it going


Marg xxxxxxx


Hiya Chrissie girl!

i have turned into an animal!

totally in control of my life!

my energy levels are through the roof aswel.

i pick up my new cool bike tommoro!

talking of bikes chrissie i am taking part in some bike rides.

these are all free and not charity based.

heres the site!





Hi Jamie :D

Glad to hear you sounding so happy and positive and you're right it will get much easier for you now


Marg xxxxxxxx


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