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Day 8 and I fell of the nicotine wagon


OH DEAR!!!!! Yesterday was day 8 and after a stressful morning with my teenage daughter, I ended up have one cigarette and was really pissed off with myself but anyway I am not going back to day one as that would mean the last 7 days before that meant nothing so its 9 days and one cigarettes, I am not gonna let that one set back, that one moment of weakness mess it all up.

I didn't enjoy that cigarette one bit in fact I ended up coughing like an old lady and not to mention I don't miss that taste smoke leaves in your mouth and in all fairness it didn't make me feel any better! So I am shacking myself of and continuing my fight against nicotine.

Day 9 today and already feeling positive again :o

Take care


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Stick with it...

Sorry you had a bad day kerry and don't beat yourself up over it. Stick with the positive attitude.

Just starting my 3rd week and it does get easier.

Morning Kerry, sorry to hear you had a bad day, but it sounds like having that one really strengthend your quit, so onwards and upwards.

Hope today is better, try and read some of the links to help keep your head in the right place.

Sending you some PMA and hug to get you through.

Sorry Day 8 was rough, but in credit to you you've picked yourself up and got on with your quit.

Hope you have a better, more positive day today,


Full respect for getting straight back on the wagon! Learn the lesson that a smoke makes nothing better and stay focused on choosing not to smoke!

Forget the blip. Glad to hear you are still positive. You have proved you can do it.

Yep, blip over and in a years time it'll be one in a year. You've proved you don't need them.

Catherine xx

Thank you for your kind comments, I think when you have a day like I had you have to be possitive more than anything, I hated the fact I had a cigarette but if I was to hard on myself I think I would have smoked the rest. Being possitive is the only way forward :D

Take care


hope i dont fail, im now on day 9 and feeling pretty smug with my self :D

but really you are back to day 1 :) i like to be honest and all that so i thought id mention it.

keep up the fight

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