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Passive Smoking Withdrawal Symptons?

Been stopped now for 7 weeks and now have a new sympton? Irritible wife :mad:I used to smoke everywhere in the house, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, living room, everywhere! My wife used to smoke but stopped 20 years ago:) so I guess we just got used to smoking around the house. Since stopping we are now wondering whether her irritibility is due to her not getting her fix of passive smoke around the house or because of my mood problems. If passive smoking is as bad as we are led to believe she is obviously not getting her fix. I would welcome your thoughts and ideas on this topic whether light hearted or serious. (wondering if she needs to go on low dose patches?):rolleyes:

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Hi Jolly Jim funny cause my OH has never smoked but seems to be more snappy since I stopped and I like you smoked in the house, maybe you have a point would be interesting to find out if there is any medical research in this topic, we could do a survey LOL


My husband (never smoked) had a hacking cough for about 2 weeks after I quit- at the time this was just another thing that wound me up- I was like "I've quit, what more do u want?", but now I wonder whether from my smoke, his lungs needed to clear out too, and feel really bad- remembering that awful cough will help keep me on the right path I think....

Perhaps my 3 yr olds are withdrawing from nicotine too (I smoked indoors of an evening) and that is why one of them had a 2hr tantrum today....oh no, I remember, they're just brats!!

Pols xxx


The dangers of passive smoking are well documented and have been widely publicised over the past few years - the point is not whether the smokers should give up or not, it's whether, knowing the dangers, they should smoke near children or not. babies and infants are hardly in a position to protest, like the rest of us and it is impossible for me to understand how a parent that don't understand a child to such a risk .


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