No Smoking Day
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Quarter Century...sort of!

Sounds better than 25 days!!

Saw the nurse last night, "very proud of you" were her exact words! She even asked me to have a quick chat with another man she is seeing next time I go as he has the appointment before me, so she has asked me to let him know how well i am doing while we're waiting next time as he's apparently struggling a bit. Apparently my enthusiasm is great :rolleyes:

I did ask for commission!! She said I was welcome to a job!

I am having Deja Vu here, i am sure I posted this last night, but can't find it so apologies if I'm repeating myself!!

I won't smoke today. I even feel brave enough to say I won't smoke today or tomorrow!! Progress or what!!


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Hi Beccy

The nurse is right your enthusiasm is infectious and I am sure u have helped many already.

Well done on the quarter century… love your pma:)


Hi Beccy, well done on your way to a whole month, that is fantastic.

Have to agree with Burney, your PMA is amazing, keep up the good work.


Hi Beccy, well done on getting to 25 days - the other comments are spot on - you've helped me along particularly as we stopped the same day :D


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