Wow double century

Hi Boys and Girls :D

Today I hit the 200 days WOWEE

I have been quit for 6 Months, 2 Weeks, 4 Days, 7 hours, 30 minutes and 33 seconds (200 days).

I have saved £1,372.13 by not smoking 5,007

cigarettes. I have saved 2 Weeks, 3 Days, 9 hours and 15 minutes of my life.

My Quit Date: 17/11/08 08:38

Needless to say I am very chuffed with myself and feel great


Marg xxxxxxxxxxx

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  • Hi Caroline :D

    Thank you very much


    Quit Mummy Marg xxxxxxxxxx

    Hi Nic :D

    Thankyou for the money


    Marg xxxxxxxxx

  • Fantastic 200 Days

    :p Well done Marg, U are a brilliant example to us all. So proud of you.... Am fast approaching my first century a week on Tuesday and cant wait...

    Keep up the good work... Big hugs Kaz xx:D

  • Cool beans, Mommy Marg!!!!! Congrats, hugs, and all that :D So glad you are doing well..... not smoked 5007 cigarettes? :eek: Man, they add up, don't they?!!!

  • Well done Marg

    Thats brilliant Marg, you are an inspirations to us all. Think I will always look up to you ;)

  • Hi Kaz :D

    Many thanks for your message and well done you almost to the 1st century

    Feeling a bit chuffed with myself Hugs back


    Marg xxxxxxxxxxxxx

    Hi Bella :D

    Thanks and hugs for you, yes it's frightening when you realise how many you used to smoke


    Mommy Marg xxxxxxxxx

    Hi Mel :D

    Thankyou so much for your message


    Marg xxxxxxxxxx

  • Hello Marg, 200 days WOW!, hope you celebrate this milestone because it's fantastic!

    well done and thanks for helping us all on here, your a star,x

    tracy 21:)

  • Wow 200! Well done! That's an amazing saving also someone could book a nice sunny holiday and relax on a beach in the tropics for that sort of amount. :D And of course to celebrate!! :D Not long till the 365 now your doing amazing keep it up :)

  • Hi Tracy :D

    Thanks for the message Yes I celebrated with a couple glasses of wine and a choc bar

    Any help I can give you're very welcome to I try and help as I was and am helped


    Marg xxxxxxx

    Hi Austyn :D

    Thanks for the message and yeas it's amazing how it munts up and how much we spent on fags in the first place I went to Cornwall a couple of weeks ago on some of that money saved


    Marg xxxxxxxxxx

  • Well done Marg,

    You certainly have this thing cracked now.:D:D


  • Hi Bernie :D

    Thank you for the message

    I think we both have it sussed now


    Marg xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Hi Marg. Sorry, missed this yesterday. WELL DONE YOU ! That's fantastic. Your always there for anyone who needs you & you deserve all the best wishes I am sure you will receive. Hugs Gaynor xx

  • Congratulations Marg 200 days is huge.

    Big hug.

    Jackie xxxxx

  • Congratulations, Marge! 200 days is another great milestone! Thank you for all your support and replys. Everyone on the forum can count on you to help them, and that's so important.

  • Hi Gaynor :D

    Hugs back thanks for the message I was a bit late putting it on yesterday because of keyboard problems had to get a new one

    I try and help people as I was helped when I arrived on here as newbie


    Marg xxxxxxxx

    Hi Jackie :D

    Thank for the message, hug for you in return


    Marg xxxxxxxxx

    Hi Jody :D

    Thankyou so much

    Anu Help/support I can give you're all very welcome to as you said this support is important and I will never forget all the help and support I got from others on this forum


    Marg xxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Hi Marg,

    Big, BIG, BIG CONGRATULATIONS on 200 Days.:D

    Fantastic stuff. What an inspiration.


  • Hi Deke :D

    Thank you for the message I am rather chuffed with myself


    Marg xxxxxxxxxxx

  • Congratulations on your double.

    Marg that is brilliant gold star for you.




  • Hi Dolly :D

    Thank you for your message and the gold star I shall keep it always


    Marg xxxxxxx

  • Marg, forgive me for missing this thread before, I'm just dipping my feet in the 6 month + pool waiting to jump in soon so have only just seen it.

    Congrats, well done and horah!!! :D

    As always, you're a huge inspiration.

  • Hi James :D

    Thank you for that

    So you're dipping your feet in the 6+month pool are you :D :D

    Almost ready to jump in the deep in then well done you Big hug for you


    Marg xxxxxxxxx

  • Hi Marg,

    I too have just come across your post - WELL DONE - :D.

    As previously said you are an inspiration to us all and have you certainly got me thru some bad moments, drinks all round

    Laod of love n hugs xxxx

  • Hi Kate :D

    Thank you for the message much appreciated as they all are

    If I've been able to help you I'm very happy to do so

    Thanks for the drink offer mines a sweet white wine ahhhhhhh thankyou that's much netter


    Marg xxxxxxxxxx

  • Aww sorry I missed this too Marg, you've done bloody good girl:D, well done xx.

  • Hi Yvette :D

    Thankyou so much for the message


    Marg xxxxxxxx

  • I missed it too! Big congratulations to my surrogate mother!! By the way, do these belong to you, they say they were at your party??!! xx


  • Well done!

    You are such an inspiration to everyone here!

    Lots of Love

    Lisa xxx

  • congratulations!

    well done marg on your 200 days, I bet thats a great feeling!

    you are a star!!!

    thanks for all your support xxxxx

  • Hi Fiona :D

    Thanks for the message

    Sorry no they don't belong to me, we had some to be sure but they were gorgeous hunks :D

    Love Surrogate Mum xxxxxx

    Hi Lisa :D

    Thanks for your message


    Marg xxxxxxx

    Hi Sam :D

    Thanks for that and if I have been able to help at all I'm happy to do so


    Marg xxxxxxxxxx

  • How did I miss this???

    Congrats, Mum :D

    200 days is pretty special

    *puts on his best "thats my Mum, that is" proud look*

  • Hi Stuart :D

    Thankyou for that, yes 200 days is very special

    Glad to hear you've got on your Proud look


    Mum xxxxxxxxx

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