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My second Month 2 sign in

Not a huge amount to report from the Stav camp really. Did my second trip to the gym today and feel great for it. It amazes me that last summer it didn't take too much for me to get uncomfortably out of breath. So much so on several occasions I thought I had a return to clots on my lungs. Just these 8 - 10 weeks in and the difference is amazing. 40 minutes proper huffing and puffing without collapsing at the end; a little swim and a sauna for good measure.

What have I been missing out on?

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Well done (what happened to the bar and the golf course etc? You actually did a work out? wow!) I was going to go for induction at the gym today but....I've got another abcess, 1 of the twins has developed separation anxiety, the others got infected eyes, I didn't sleep well last night....well blow me- a great huge long list of EXCUSES- where do I recognise that kind of behaviour from!

Glad you're doing good- you seem to have your head round this quit thing, I'm nearly there too I think. Have joined you in month two, next week I'll join you at the gym- although, if my patch slips off, or I have a row with hub I may not be able to!!!! Good on ya, I is impressed Pols xxx


Hi Pol Stav Im impressed by you both I even think of the word Gym and I get palpitations LOL and even writing it has the same effect LOL

I live up a steep hill and now I can get up it without haveing to flag down a bus LOL would Love to join a gym but not one near us so do the walk thing and they say its soo good for you as well, Pols didnt realise you had teins in that case you prob get plenty exercise any way, phew we have twin grandaughters they were hard work but 16 now so easier LOL


Hi there

Good to read all is good :)

Big thumbs up for the aubergine and tom recipe :cool: Thanks, was very good and tasty. Left the skin on as I like skin but decided, in hindsight which is a female dog, that the skin was better removed.

I've been overdoing the exercise and jumped out of bed early this morning with calf cramp despite the warm downs.

Good for you on feeling good for having been to the gym again. Worth keeping up for sure.

Pol x


Glad you enjoyed it Pol. I should really sort myself out on the food front. I've not cooked anything Greek for ages now, just been eating bland grilled meat/fish and veggies for most meals. I think I'll have to put a menu together for the coming weeks.


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