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No Smoking Day
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1 month yesterday!!!!

Hi all

my first month done with didnt post this yesterday because thought i wasnt going to make it,,but i got through it, :) dont know how but i'm here 1month and 1 day..

feeling lot better today had that first morning crave but it passed and not even used my inhalator...yet.

so heres to a good day :) hope everyone else is ok today..

June x

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Congratulations, June!

One month gone - that's fantastic, June. I know it hasn't been easy for you, but I think that makes an even bigger acheivement! x


Really great June 1 month is a big milestone especially when you must have had a bad day. Remember when you do feel you want to smoke it was you who made the decision to stop so think why you made the decision.

Well done I'm sure you can go further.

Jack xx:)


Hi June :D

I'm so pleased you feel better today and got through a tough day yesterday

You're doing so well hun and I'm so proud of the way you just keep gritting them teeth and carrying on

Love and a Huge


Marg xx


Well done June you are doing great. Keep posting and getting encouragement and in turn you can know your post is helping someone else.



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