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Atomicguy 10 months yesterday!

Ok, I seem to be a day behind with everyones celebrations at the mo, sorry about that.

A huge well done to you on 10 months done and dusted! Fantastic achievement hope the decorating is all finished and enjoy your last 2 months on the way to the penthouse.

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Hi I like Bev I want to say a massive congratulations to you in your 10 months quit, I’m sure that by now you have blitzed the whole flat and will never want to make it less than perfect ever again, I hope you are feeling good and strong and enjoying your quit even more as you come up to your acceptance into the Penthouse, you take care and stay smoke free.


Well done AG , 10 months is great , penthouse is no doubt firmly in your sight now.

Regards Trev


Apologies AG

Congrats, was sure I'd posted on here already, not long to go now.



Hi Atomicguy

Congratulations on your quit mate no looking back now, superb really pleased for you :)


Hey AG :)

10 Months is great and that one year milestone is soooo close and a pretty sure bet :)

Enjoy the continuing positive changes your making.

Pol x


Guys...guys....guys.. THANK YOU!!!

Been out of play - computer decided to completely die on me!

But am back now.

Here's to us all



And another i missed! How rubbish am i. Well done! Not long to go till the penthouse now!! xx


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