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i all, 50 days or there about anyway.Thing,s have been quite good, but the last 7 days i,v been not to good i seem to be angry, bad tempered, depressed i don,t know what to do to calm myself down as i,v said before there,s no going back to fags but why now after all this time?I just want to get on with my life.

Just when i thought i had cracked it :mad:

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Hey Deano, sorry to hear you are struggling a bit, as far as I can tell this quitting thing is a bit like a rollercoaster, there are flat bits but also mega ups and downs. As time goes by this does settle although it has to said that even from almost 6 months in there are highs and lows.

This will pass, most of us smoked for a very long time, so we should not expect to go back to "normal" quickly. Keep posting and do some reading, I hope you start to feel better soon.


Hope so Bev, just don,t feel like me,it,s strange how we can feel so high and then so low, as long as i know i will get through this:rolleyes:


I know your right Chrissie, but it can be so hard sometimes.I will get there one day thanks.;)


Hi Deano want say anything about quit as I have had 2 glasses of wine and will tell you wrong LOL

50 days how good is that, someone told me that the days would be bad for the amount of years you smoked, what a crock of shi* and I believed them till got passed 41 days LOL and still have shi* days.

STOP said I wasnt going to say anything about quitting didnt I, ok I am going as I will become pain will speak to you when sober LOL xx


Hi Deano :D

Wow Well done 50 days is a great milestone to reach

The way you're feeling just now is normal you have to give your body time to heal from the abuse you gave it as a smoker


Marg xx


Thanks for your kind words, your right, no pain, no gain.I feel alot better today:).



I 100% sympathise with how you were feeling when you made the first post on this thread, it hit me at day 100, i'd built myself up for the 100 day milestone, then when i got there, I just wasn't feeling great and truth was.. felt down in the dumps.

How you feel can change very rapidly while quitting though, and you will just have to make up for it when you perk up a bit (which you will!!!)

Sorry if you felt a bit down when making your 50th day post, but its short lived that down feeling, there is better times ahead, just stick at it.



Have a read of the article in my signature about symptoms, there is a lot of info that might be useful to you right now.

Best wishes.



Yes Jase i did feel down in the dumps, like it was the end of the world, strange feeling.Now i am feeling:) great looking forward to things again i feel i'm learning alot about myself and stopping smoking, why did we ever start smoking??? good luck to everone.


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