3 weeks today!

21 today!!

Well what can I say, if someone had said to me on the 1st day of my quit that in 21 days I would still be smoke free I would have laughed at them. I am not going to say it’s been anything other than hard… but the achievement I felt this morning was fantastic. This site and the links to all the info have been a great help.

So I guess I have earned the key to the door of month 1:)

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  • Congratulations

    A great achievement - four more days and i will be posting the same!!

    Well done and keep it up!!!


  • Sounding really positive there, well done. Three whole week over, done and dusted, never to be repeated!!

    Keep posting, keep reading, onwards and upwards.

  • getting 3 weeks done is a big deal when you've recently quit smoking. You are so right to be really proud of yourself, every single day is a victory at this stage.

    Well done you!

  • congratulations!

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