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today is my 3 week mark

Wow, who could have known I'd make it this far as easy as I have after 30 years of smoking?!

I've had my share of the tough times but at this point I know I can finish what I've started. It's all up to us people and we can and will do this!!

Everyone here is great as well. I used to just read this stuff in the begining and then joined. I really believe it helps to read all you can but it helps even more to post and be cheered on by our new unknown friends I guess we could say.

Think about that, people here are like our new BEST friends who understand and care like our real friends who have never smoked never could. I'm not knocking our known friends but instead cheering on and thanking our new unknown ones. Thanks to you all!!!!!!!

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I did want to mention that I have had a couple of things happen that I dont like.

First off, I've gained about 5 pounds to date and secondly I'm a drummer and it's really good to do as it keeps your heart rate up but I do feel very tired after work and barely play my drums at all since my quit date. I have to get in to doing this in order to burn off this extra weight that went straight to my belly!


Hi sb13

Congratulations and welcome. You'll get lots of guidance and support on here.

You've done brilliantly, keep it up! Only a very short while until a month! :)

Regarding the weight gain and tiredness. Please don't worry about either at the moment - focus your mind on not smoking - these other bits will fall into place and settle.

If it helps at all in terms of reassurance, I've just passed the 9 week mark. I gained about half a stone in the first 6 or so weeks, and that was with a lot of effort to not pick / eat the wrong things - it's just the effect that nicotine had on metabolism. Then the battery went in my scales, so I stopped obsessing for a little while! My sleep has been terribly disturbed, and I've felt extra tired because of that, but also, because of that sense of constantly being on red alert, fighting withdrawal etc.

The last couple of nights I've slept better (admittedly wine assisted :o). And I got a new battery for the scales yesterday and I've dropped 2 lbs - don't know how! :confused: But just to confirm that these things do settle down.

Anyway, onwards and upwards, keep up the good work.



Hi SB13. You have done really well with your quit.The weight and the tiredness will sort itself out. If you read some of the posts on here, a lot of people complain about tiredness and we all complain about weight gain too. The weight can be dealt with at another time when you have your quit under your belt. Keep on drumming!!!:)



thanks for the response. I've had some bad nights sleeping as well then I find myself waking up at 3 in the morning and usually getting up. I hope that part stops soon!! lol


Haze56, Will do. Think I'll go play right now as a matter of fact.:)


I don't know if it's the 3 3's thing I've read or what but the last couple of days have been harder for me versus the very begining.

I have not smoked and I won't but dang it's been tougher than ever at times!

I'm switching to the 7 mg patch tomorrow so wish me luck. I used the 21 mg for 12 days I think it was and then switched to the 14 mg and now it's time to buy more so I'm going with the 7 mg and starting it in the morning.


Hiya 1st of all well done hunnie, and dont wurry about the tiredness or the insomnia thing this is all normal, and will right itself in time , also i wud expect wen u lower ya patches , u mite get sum craving, try and ignore it , drink water , chew chewing gum have a little nap. anything but smoke ya doing so well, the weight gain we have all felt :D lol, that will come back off in time too , keep drumming and bash the nicodemon on the head wiv yer sticks hehe :D x



Thanks for the reply, it made me laugh!

So far so good this morning. I won't stop trying and will not smoke period!

Drinking lots of water and I have plenty of gum as well.


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