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3 weeks today

Well i have shocked myself how well im doing 3 weeks today and feeling a lot better even my chest feels so much better,

I went to my smoking clinic on blew in the thing and it was 2 dont know if that is good or not but it was a lot higher when i first packed up so im well chuffed.

Still on my patchers the phonix woman said yesterday she will reduce them in 2 weeks time when i see her again.

Hope everyone in doing well :)

How are you geting on Dave my quit buddy?

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Hi Kay :D

Three weeks that's great well done and a CO reading of 2 is brilliant


Marg xx


Well done to us Kay - and you got a two on the carbon monoxide scale - well done. According to the nurse at my stop smoking clinic, non smokers usually get a one or two (when I smoked I was at 26!). Having a quit-buddy has really helped me so a massive THANK YOu to you


Yeah! well done for getting through 3 weeks :D


Brilliant Kay. A two reading is great. Soon be counting in months, not days or weeks.



Well done Kay, you are doing great, glad you continued for yourself. Your reading of 2 is great, my NHS Nurse got a new machine and she said they are very sensitive and if you travel through traffic to get to the clinic your reading for a non-smoker would be 2 because you would pick up fumes on the way.




Thanks to you all i feel better now as i didnt realise average is 2 i just expected a 0 LOL

I am feeling a lot better i can belive how clearer my chest is feeling its so nice to get u in the morning and not have that masty flemmy cough its used to be very nasty but now i feel CLEAR and it feels great

keep the good work up Dave and everyone else x:cool:


Forgot to tell you

I went to weight watchers last night i lost half pound a bit gutted but its better than puting it on:(

Thats now 19 pound in 5 weeks so well chuffed and manageing to do it at the same time as packing up smoking:)


19lb in five weeks is amazing. Think of that in terms of packs of butter or sugar. That's brilliant -and quitting cigarettes too - you should be doubly proud!



Very well done Kay and Dave.

Your both doing so well three weeks already where have the time gone. Keep toting up the weeks.xxxxx


Kay well done packing in smoking and losing weight, xx


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