No Smoking Day
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Day 8

Wayhay, it's day 8 and my second week still smoke free.:)

I still seem to be thinking an awful lot about cigs.:mad: Still getting lots of cravings but staying strong.

My sense of smell has definately improved, I can smell someone smoking a cig a mile off.:D

Still taking things a day at a time but am full of determination, well I am at the

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Hello Lovely!

:) Well Done on Day 8!!!! :)

Dont worry too much about thinking of cigs, tis still early days, and it will subside soon. Concentrate on keeping away from them, and how horrid people smell that you encounter who've been out puffing.... congratulate yourself that you dont smell like that anymore, and see how fabulous and sometimes different things smell and taste.... its a whole new world honey!

Yippee..... boing boing boing!!!



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