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Day 4


Hi all,

Checking in on day 4, back at work. I couldn't believe all the snow we got this morning. I keep hoping winter is over...

Anyway, yesterday went fine all in all. I have noticed myself being a bit cranky and last night I cried at a film, which is not usual for me. I wonder how much of this is normal (there are some things going on in my life as well), how much is champix... I don't really expect an answer though. :P

There is no perfect time to quit smoking. There will always be stress or lack of stress, parties or lack of parties. The best time to quit is now.

I feel fine today, am wondering when/if I am going to cough a lot as I heard this was a side effect of quitting, and when I will feel like a non-smoker. Right now I just feel like a smoker who keeps forgetting to smoke. Strange.

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Well done you on day 4 :) Brilliant!

I have not used Champix but I do know I cried a lot more than normal for the first 3 weeks (still have my moments!) and the lovely people on here assured me it was normal so I will pass that on to you. It really is normal.

I too have had lots going on and if I knew what was coming a week into my quit I don't think I would have gone ahead with it but I am so glad I did. The fact I stayed quit during a time of lots of stress shows me that I don't really need it to cope with life's challenges.

I haven't had the cough either and am on week 7. Think its different for everyone.

Marg gave me great advice early on which was - if you feel like crying then cry, if you feel really tired have a nap. I guess just going with it makes it a bit easier.

Keep it up and I promise you will soon feel like a non smoker :D


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