No Smoking Day

Day 4

Hi All,

Just to let you know, I'm on day 4 of the rest of my smoke-free life. I smoked for about 10 years, started when I was 15, as a lot of youngsters do.

But now I feel great. Yes, I am having a few cravings, but I'm keeping myself busy with anything I can think of. Doesn't matter how I feel though, it's all in my head and I will not go back to smoking. I'd rather hold my breath and pass out that put another one in my mouth.

Already I am noticing the changes. My head feels a lot clearer, physically and mentally. I can think straight and when I get up in the morning I don't have a terrible taste in my mouth. My hands always used to be cold, but now they are warm. I used to eat only once or twice a day, I'd replace food with cigarettes, but now I am eating a bit more and I can actually taste all the food properly, I am enjoying it, not just throwing it down to satisfy my hunger and provide more time for smoking.

I am actually less stressed than I thought I would be and I have a lot more money on me too, which leads to less stress. This has to be the best thing I have done.

Good luck to everyone else who is trying to quit. At least by actually trying you are taking the biggest step. Quitting is easy, making the decision to quit is the hardest part.

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Hiya Electric!!

Welcome to the site x x Well done to you! great quit x good decision!

You seem to be coping pretty well and are doing all the right things and reaping the benefits!! hehehehe

Congratulations you must be proud of yourself x x hope you are going to use some of that spare cash on yourself x x ~Buffy x x


Thanks for the warm welcome.

I'm not doing too badly. I will be using the cash on myself as a reward. I think everyone should spend their quit money saved on themselves. It's a nice incentive.

I was looking through my bag to find a book to read earlier and I came across a packet of Rizla. I thought it would be quit hard to see smoking material again and not want to smoke, but it wasn't that bad. Of course it brought back memories, but thinking about them, it was horrible. So I angrily ripped up the Rizla's and threw them in the bin. I get annoyed with myself when I think about how stupid I've been.

Any time I am tempted I just think about how ill they made me.


Lol i did something similar but wasn't too sure how i felt!!

I went to the park and the weather had turned so i bought out my rain mac again, when i put my hand in the pocket there was unopened pack of 20 Marlboro lights :eek:

I was taken back, i didn't want to smoke them and didn't want to throw them. I made my Boyfriend go into the pub and give them to a smoker :D hehehe

I just bought an ipod shuffle with my monies and i use 1/4 of it on gym fees' it is amazing what you can do with that money!

~Buffy xx



Hi Everyone

Just this minute signed up cos was reading through peoples comments and thought was a fab site.

I'm on day 4 - cold turkey - feeling determined, more dermined than I have on the numerous other times I have tried to quit but I'm having a real problem imagining ever enjoying myself again - has anyone else felt that? I imagine situations and senarios and can't imagine them being fun and all because of a cigarette. I know it's nuts but just wondered if anyone else had had a similar feeling?:confused:


Yes i did feel like that before x x not this time though because i know from previous experience that it aint true!!

Try not to think about the future too much just get through this 1 hour at a time! or you will end up in a straight jacket >_<

When you have these images, replace them with an image of you laughing, throwing your head back looking beautiful and popular! ~This is a bright coloured image~

When you have an image of you smoking, see your palid face and people looking at you from over their shoulder, are they discussing you? how you smell? ~this is a greyscale dull image~

It sounds mad but it helps x x x because the fact is you will enjoy life more so without smoking!! ~Buffy x x


Hi Ali, I get that feeling sometimes too. I think it's because smoking was something I was really 'good' at.:o

Buffy's advice is good- often my mournful image is of me smoking in a pub or a club- but you can't do that anymore!!!!!!! So I think of me leaving my friends and standing outside in the rain on my own:D

Good luck- I'm on day 3 today.


Thanks for the advise guys.

Think I'm going to have to throw myself into the pub situation and see how I go. I know how dificult the last 4 days have been so I'm sure I won't have a ciggie but I just need to get it out of the way I think.

Cheers again. xx:p


I know exactly what you mean ali, as I felt like that myself, almost the feeling of "what is there to look forward to now?, it will all be so boring."

Im on day 13 today and that feeling is starting to disappear now, and going to the pub will not be as hard as you are expecting, prob will help as no-one else will be smoking either so you wont be able to smell it. Stay stong and good luck, you can do it!:D


I think this is everyones downfall.

Definetley mine anyway!

I'll be able to go all the way through the 12 weeks of patches and find that as soon as I have a few down the pub, all that hard work goes out the window. Cravings are hard to ignore when your drunk and lost all your inhabitions.

My first quit I managed 1 drunk night before giving in.

My second quit lasted a few drunk nights before giving in.

This my third and hopefully last quit, I know what I'm up against.

I searched the internet looking for ideas of what to do in case it happened again but to no avail. So anyway, I made my own plan.

A couple of you on here already know it. It might work, It might not, but I've got to give it a try.

I have typed up a card that i'll carry on me at all times. It's basically a note to remember why I quit. I forget why I've quit when I've had a few and have got a strong craving. This is someting I can control when sober.

It goes along the lines of,

'Do not have a single puff! If you do, you have just wasted all that time and energy spent on giving up in the first place.

When you smoked: You snored, You wheezed and you WERE putting your sons health at risk.




It's the things I think of when sober that I can't remember when tanked!

Maybe being a bit harsh on myself but need to try and shock myself.

If anyone has got any other ideas about what to do in a similar situation, I welcome you thoughts.

Still staying strong!!!



that is a seriously good plan barney, the only other plan I can think of that would be effective is not getting p***ed again and I couldnt manage that as well as quitting (not that Im an alcoholic I just enjoy a drink).

Have you tested your plan yet?

If not let us know when you do so we all know if it works.:D


Well it's not that i go out drinking that often. Probably less now that our little boy is on the scene, but in the early stages of my last quit, I just avoided drinking full stop because I knew what I was going to be like. But when I do go out, it is nice to have a few drinks and have a laugh. I'm a social drinker and I have realised that I can't keep avoiding alcohol because I'm worried that I'm gonna relapse. I need to get used to it. Face my fears I guess.

Haven't needed to test it yet but had a few cans of cider on Saturday night at home with a mate and the wife. Didn't have a craving but I think thats because there was nothing there to tempt me. My mate doesn't smoke and the only cigarettes in the house were my wifes menthols which I can't stand. she popped out for one but it didn't tempt me in the slightest. The ultimate test would be out with loads of friends were there are cigarettes to hand i.e. from a mate of from a shop.



Yeah I know what you mean, being in a tempting situation.

My plan when I next go out is as follows: 1. pretend you never smoked at all.

Better than nothing as a back up if I really start craving.

Although when I went to pub, granted I didnt get bladdered, but it wasnt as hard as I thought it would be being in that social environment.

I am a bit wary to be "merry" though as I dont think I trust myself enough to be strong just yet.:rolleyes:


I'm going out sunday and plan to take my nicorette inhalator with me. It has a little box you can fiddle with. I don't even fill it up half the time but just put it in my mouth to chew on.


Thats a good idea coz its your hands that start feeling fidgety isnt it when you are out and about.

Also something to distract yourself with if those cravings hit!:eek:


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