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150 days or 4 months aand 28 days

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Dam happy to report I've made it so far without a blip or a smoke . For me things have gone very well for the past month or so, only times I think of a smoke are when I have a occasional drink. I plan on rewarding and testing myself as soon as I get my tax return back. I plan to go out and have a great dinner and to party my ass off to see if I can make it through a night like that without smoking. A night like that if I can make it through it without a smoke can only make my quit stronger. I don't post that much anymore but I check the site almost every day, I found replying to posts as well as asking for help helped me in my quit. I think the fact that I don't post as much as I one time did makes me think I'm in a good place. So yet another big thanks to the site and everyone on it. To the peeps and you know who you are a extra thanks, You guys are the only reason I have been successful, just a great group of people I became friends with who cared and make all the difference.

To anyone just starting........ I have no willpower , I'm lazy, I always put crap off, I'm selfish, if I can do this anyone can. How you ask? YOU HAVE TO WANT IT......REALLY WANT IT. The peeps on this site can be a support system that can help you do it. Don't bullshit yourself.

Good luck guys


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Hi Thomas :D

Whichever way you put it that's a great quit you have going

Congratulations and for someone who says he has no willpower you're proving yourself wrong bigtime



Marg xx

Thomas congrtulations on 150 days and it is great to know that it does get better and we stop thinking abouts cigs all the time.

Enjoy ....xx

Thomas, CONGRATULATIONS ON 150 DAYS!!! Keep going strong! Jody

Hey you, a huge well done 150 days fantastic. We both have the thing with the drink, and you are doing really well. I know you were planning to party your little ass off when you felt strong enough and it sounds to me like you are. You are so right that when you get through a party night without smoking you will feel stronger.

Don't forget to keep popping back and letting us know how you are getting on, and of course I need to know how your big night goes. If you can't share all the details with the forum please feel free to PM me :D:eek:


huge congrats on your 150th day of not-smoking.. hope your planned party goes 'to plan' and that you can enjoy it thoroughly and keep the cravings at bay. I've found i can drink just fine these days so you'll probably be ok!

Heres to the next 150, just don't be a stranger yeah?


Thanks a bunch for the great reply's guys. I'll still be around in the back ground I get a lot out of just reading all the posts, from the new guy figuring out how to get his game on, to the old hat keeping on the straight and narrow, as well as the occasional blip it all helps.

Congrats Thomas, well done on your 150 days! Keep on truckin :)


Huge congratulations on your 150 days - sounds like you deserve a party! Go for it.

Your quit sounds strong - so enjoy the party. I just had a birthday weekend and got hammered! The only time I though about the dreaded cigs when when someone came back in the bar after having a smoke and noticing the stink!

Well done Thomas you sure are proving you can do it. Take care on your night out don't push yourself too far.


Great post, Thomas. What you say about really WANTING to quit is the "simple" key. :cool:

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