Ready to have another go!!!

Hi all, I managed 7 weeks last year & have been puffing away since July :(

I'm going to have another bash as from Thursday.( I know I've got a hard week up till Weds!!)

Well done all the March quitters from last year!!! I only wish I could have been as strong as you lot!!

I will post again on Thursday...I hope the first day's not going to be too bad!! :p

4 Replies

  • Hi...

    good luck..sure you will be fine...xx

  • Determination

    Is all you need - you know what to expect so you will be fine!!


  • well done you on a good decision and a big GOOD LUCK for the journey ahead of you. Were all here to talk to if and when you need it!

  • Good luck for thursday! you lasted 7 weeks last year.. well that was still 7 weeks..and i know how easy it is to let a slip up ruin a quit, but what matters is that you are back to try again.

    Here's hoping you get off to a nice start.

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