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Toyah giving it another go

Hi there to all who remember me from last year and all the newbies just setting out, im back to give it another go..

I stopped for 3months in March last year and like an idiot started again, it was Drop Dead Freds fault that little nicotine imaginary friend in my head, he is not my friend he is the devil!!!....

Well back on the patches had my last cancer stick yesterday so counting this as day one....wish me luck folks!!! :D

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Hiya Max thanks for you support...the only mystery is why the blinking hell I started again lol...on well onwards and upwards...xx


Hi Toyah, welcome back and good luck, this is my fourth attempt and I can tell you are so determined this time. :cool:


Hi jenninegs...thank you and good luck on your fourth attempt.....why do we do it


Welcome back Toyah, you can do this:). I am so glad you have decided to try again it is so worth it.:)


Hi good luck, some people do start again and don't know why someone I work with been stopped 26 years! Started a few months ago said he does not know why he started again and hates it.


Oh my good god it's TOYAH:eek:

You where the very first person I spoke to on this forum about 18 months ago. Do you remember I had real trouble posting and you sorted it out for me:confused:

Massive welcome back and the very best of luck to you this time:D

If I can do it then so can anyone.

Come on girl!!!! XXXXX

I'll be watching your progress with great interest :)


Hey Toyah, I had a similar experience, I quit in May I think and fell off during my thrid month (its those terrible threes I think - I on e stopped and failed during my third year - duh!!). Anyway I'm back on track and comfortably into my second month now - I can tell you that the first few days were really hard, I just couldn't believe I was having to go through it all again and really didn't think I had the strength, but I just took it one day, sometimes even one hour at a time - I won't smoke now, later or tomorrow will take car of itself. And I've got this far and feel much much better about it this time than I did earlier this year.

I also realised this time that the money I'd spend on fags between August and Christmas would pay for a flight to get me home from Oz to spend Christmas with my family :-)

Good luck - take it one fag at a time and you'll get there


Hi Toyah, welcome back! I'd bet there's tonnes of stuff you learned from your last quit that you can take forward into this one which will help this be the quit that sticks - will keep everything crossed for you! And just in case he tries to sneak into your head disguised as your friend, here's my favourite pic of him showing his true self:eek:

OMG I think he drinks in my local:eek:


I think we've all had a few attempts over the years before we make the one that sticks. I know I have and I'm still far from complacent now. One day at a time. Good luck and all the best.


Welcome back Toyah, I wish you luck but I've a feeling you're not going to need it to make this "the one" by the way you're sounding :)

Let us know how its going.

Molly x


Hi all, really sorry for the late reply just haven't had a minute all day and this will be a quick in and out as still busy......thank you all so much for the warm welcome back and the kind words of support Im doing really well...

Kat73 love the picture what a horrible little man lol....will keep him in mind..

Magwillz of cause i remember you!!.. glad I could help and im very proud of you well done!!!!!!!!!

Hopefully I will keep it up this i will!!!!!!!!!...



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