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Day 14 and I cant do it any more


I have been doing so well, but the combination of my anti social neighbours and the arrival of my Italian boyfriend with a sdcuctive packet of Camel Lites is testing me to the limits. My bf went out for a bit and left the packet on the table. I had not yet put the patch on and truly believed I would smoke one. sinply no doubt about it. But I knew how lousy I would feel, so i distracted myself and made some tea, ate a yoghurt and came onto the forum. I think I just fought and won a serious craving!!! but I fear the next one wont be long. weekends are truly a nightmare. The only reason I am still here is that no alcohol has touched my lips. I am too scared to let my guard down at all.

My bf is an exception to the rule in that he is very supportive and wants to give up too. He is not a heavy smoker, I am. I really want to do this but today is the first day I can see failure looming and laughing in my face.

Thanks so much for all your comments and support. I would seriously crack if I couldnt tell fellow quitters how awful it is and to hear your struggles as well. I just hope it gets easier as I seriously will not make it otherwise. I put the patch on and now i feel sick, well at least I dont want to smoke now!!

Sorry for being so negative. I feel much better now. I think.

Today the glass is half empty, tomorrow it will be half full.

i will NOT smoke today.

Rachel x

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Don't smoke and ask your bf to NOT leave smokes behind.

Also-he has to smoke outdoors. It's only fair.

You keep on


Rachel you have done a blinding job resisting the urge when the packet of smokes was left right there. Give yourself a HUGE well done for that and stop the negative thinking, don't expect yourself to fail. Think of what you have just done, you didn't smoke, it would have been so easy, but you didn't. I think you should give yourself more credit than you are.

Your BF wants you to stop so ask him to take the fags away and to smoke outdoors, he'll support you, you can then enjoy that disgusting smell of him coming back in with the smokers hands and breath :eek:

You can do it, two weeks have past and you have achieved sooooo much!

So come on, there's no such word as can't, muster up some more of that strength you found earlier and push on.

Keep at it,

Lorraine :)


Thanks comrades

Hi Athena and Lorraine.

Thanks so much for your encouragement. It was sorely needed. You are right Lorraine, i am setting myself up to fail with the negative attitude i had this morning. I am really aware of this and must buck up my ideas. It is just that I get to a certain stage ( 2 weeks) and it suddenly feels like i am walking the plank. i have to smoke or i'll hit the water (with a belly-flop!). I realise that this is silly and its just the monster playing tricks on me. so I fully intend to banish this plank as it doesnt exist!!! I am nowhere near water anyway and i like swimming.

My bf is actually really supportive in a way that helps me, but, yeah, he shouldnt have left his fags lying about. but he didnt realise i am such a junkie. On reflection, it was a fantastic way of testing my resolve, so i am glad that he did. he apologised cos i told him that I nearly smoked one.And now he is not smoking in front of me, but it doesnt bother me when he does. Just seeing the blue packet sort of hypnotised me as it is blue, my favourite colour as it happens. The power of marketing, I suppose. From now on I will admire the packaging without convincing myself I need to smoke it.

So onwards and upwards. Start of week 3 tomorrow, and i am really proud of myself and also of you all. We are proving it can be done. So take care and thanks for your help. Roll on Happy Mondays!

Rachel x


good going, Rachel. Your bf sounds like a good guy.



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