No Smoking Day

Day 14 and I need a good shake!

:mad:Been in the dumps for afew days now, I wish I felt happy about now being smoke free for 14 days but for some reason I dont. I feel snappy, miserable and am a narky old moog bag.

How can I go from feeling so great, positive and so proud of myself to this :mad:


Im not going to smoke as Ive come too far for that but Im flipping fed up.

Im saying goodbye to week 2 today and hope my mogginess stays there.

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DONT DO IT Moog - you know you will regret it - you have done sooooooo well, absolutely brilliant and just think how quick these 2 weeks have gone, soon you will be in the 1 month forum - how good will that be - but please dont smoke, take it hour by hour if you cant do day by day - you will get there I have every faith in you.......come on Moog you CAN DO IT - laugh and the world laughs with you - smile smile smile......



you may be experiencing a premature week three! I had a rubbish time moving from week two to three. It seemed all my enthusiasm had gone. It COMES BACK! Do not give in. Try try try to remain positive and take each day as it comes. I am suffering a crave now, however, I have found that I can ignore it if I choose to. Which comes with practice. You are doing really really well, stay on it chick xxxx


Hi Moog,

DON'T SMOKE - oh, you said you wouldn't :o

Debs and Fiona are quite correct about altering your perspective regarding your quit.

As you'll know it takes 72 hours for the nicotine to leave a person's system - presuming that no other methods of nicotine ingestion are being used! Thereafter we get down to the nitty gritty and quite possibly the difficult part of dealing with the psychology of stopping.

I mention difficult but it doesn't have to be. If you try and understand what is happening to you through your quit it can make your passage into non-smoker a lot easier. A number of older members discovered this and we have had excellent results. Hence why we continually bang on about read, read, read and educate yourself.

Keep on keepin' on,


PS: I'd like to just add that the title to this thread will guarantee a lot of views - 'Day 14 and I need a good....', at least that's how it looks on the index. :)


Hi Sam :D :D

2 weeks is great well done you So sorry you feel down in the dumps at the moment but you know this will pass just as it has before Just hang in there Sam you know you can do this after all you have been proving it for the last 2 weeks




Hi Moog,

I had a couple of really bad days at about day 14 ,it got much better very quickly,don't give in it will improve.


thanks for your comments guys

Im feeling much better now x


Hi Sam :D

So glad you're feeling better now

Wondered what was wrong thought you might be ill




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