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Day 6

Day 6 and still smoke free.:)

It's funny at times I forget I've stopped smoking and think , oh I'll just have a cig and then remember I've stopped. Some times the cravings are really bad and come often, then I have to draw on lots of willpower. I know for certain I couldn't cold turkey. Yesterday afternoon had bad cravings so went for another walk. Must admit my energy levels have increased.:)

Shall plod on today as other days.:D

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Congrats Wendyann,

It is so much about will-power and keeping going even in the most difficult of days. The more you get used to ignoring the craves the more you are unpicking an old bad habit leaving room to bed in a new healthier habit :cool:

Keep plodding,



Well done WendyAnn.... and what's with the 'plodding'? When you smoked you plodded on day after day. But now you don't smoke so these are different days and you're striding, walking proud, not smoking.


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